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Delivery Format:

  • In-Class

Registration  Status: Open

  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Winter
Value: Certificate 

Fees: CAD  1999

40% Discount** Available french

for C.C.E.C's

*Existing or past student

CAD 1199 after discount

In-Class Location:  Vaughan ON. Campus

Admission Requirements: 

  • OSSD/12th Grade or Equivalent 
  • Pre-Requisites: Yes (See details on this page)
  • International Students: Yes
How To Apply: Online Click Here
Text Books: Optional - Material can be provided


Total Instructional Hours: 150 

Total Week(s):  Five (45 Days) Estimated.

A final schedule will be available upon successful registration/enrollment

 More Information: Call

905-499-3631  EXT 102, 103

*Enrolled in vocational
or a certificate program.

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Attendance: 75% for In-Class & 20% for Online 

In-Class Schedule:

Full-time program: Mon-Friday 4.30 PM - 8.30 PM

Part-Time Study:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Online: Self Study - You control your own time


  • Assignments
  • Multiple Choice Exams

5- Public Service or related exam/assessment preparation class (15 Hours)

Second language evaluation in the public service   Language testing and language requirements in the public service. This extra 15 hours class will assist and provide support to pass the related assessment. The Canadian government is the single largest employer in the country.

Students who wish to study in a program where they can move steadily from one level to the next without interruption and where the emphasis is also put on the time & cost savings are encouraged to take the this Combo Course. french learning

3- French Language Certificate: Intermediate Level

This course is intended for intermediate students in French. It allows them to practice their oral skills at a level with which they are comfortable and to gain more fluency and more confidence in using the language in a broad variety of familiar situations.

4- French Language Certificate: Advanced Level

This course is intended for students who already have a high intermediate to advanced level in French. It allows them to practice their oral skills at that level and to gain more vocabulary and more confidence in using the language in a very broad variety of situations.

(FSL) French As Second Language Certificate

This combo course consists all following levels. 

FRENCH LANGUAGE  - Parlez-vous français?

French is one of the two official languages of Canada and is spoken by close to 200 million people worldwide. It’s also an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO and the International Olympic Committee.

At C.C.E.C's Language Continuing Studies, you can learn French in a friendly, supportive learning atmosphere.

Our French language programs offer:

  • up-to-date materials and techniques
  • daytime and evening course options (if enrolment permits)
  • one or two classes per week, for two or three hours, depending on your level and the program you choose
  • easy transition between programs and levels

We have French-language courses and programs for every skill level, from casual beginners to people seeking French language credentials for professional development. We also offer French language programs for children and adults in the summer months. Take a single basic certification course, work through the full advance level certification program or simply enjoy a French conversation and instructional learning class.

Studying French at C.C.E.C. is easier than you think.
Learn to speak French, or improve your French language proficiency, and gain a detailed knowledge of Francophone cultures in Canada and around the world. C.C.E.C. ‘s non-credit/Non-Vocational  Certificate programs are open to adults at all levels of proficiency. C.C.E.C.  language training programs are designed to meet the needs of a wide audience from working professionals, to lifelong learners, to people who are new to Canada, to parents with children in French immersion—anyone wanting to confidently and competently develop fluency in French.

Possible Related Career Options

This combo course program is mainly designed for professionals and individuals who wish to advance their career for a bilingual opportunity. Some examples are the following:

  • Federal or Provincial Government Job Opportunities
  • Legal or related professionals
  • Bilingual clerks
  • Translators
  • Tourism professionals
  • Hospitality and related fields
  • Receptionists
  • Office administrators
  • Customer service representatives
  • Customer support staff at all levels
  • And more

Formats and estimated schedule:
In-Class from Vaughan, Ontario Campus: On-Campus evening classes are offered at all levels, and a daytime option is offered at some levels if enrolment permits.

The mandate of language instructional training program is to provide members of the community with a language-learning opportunity to achieve a command of the French language and a detailed knowledge of the Francophone culture in Canada and in the world.

Program Features

  • A progressive and communicative approach
  • Regular evaluation with tests and exams
  • Supportive and professional instructors
  • State of the art classrooms and OLMS (Online Learning Management System)

Consider a C.C.E.C. CAS if you want to:

  • Study the latest in information field trends
  • Learn about emerging resources
  • Boost your workplace edge
  • Freshen your resume
  • Keep current with changes in your profession

A CAS from C.C.E.C. offers:


Most courses are available in person as well as a live interactive and online format based as distance-format courses.
The CAS can be completed in a short period, depending on the program.


Course content is a cutting-edge and up-to-the-minute, based on original C.C.E.C. research.
Courses are taught by the same professors who guide students at C.C.E.C. as well as various other law schools and institutions.

2- French Language Certificate: Beginner Level

This course is intended for near-beginners in French. It allows them to practice their oral skills at a level with which they are comfortable and to gain more fluency and more confidence in using the language in a variety of basic day-to-day situations.

Who is this program for?
This program is mainly designed for those who wish to pursue a career in a bilingual environment and having the following:

  • Adults aged 19 and up
  • All proficiency levels complete ina sequence mentioned above: from total beginner to advanced
  • International students wanting to learn Canada's other official language
  • Full-time students wanting to complement their studies with valuable additional language skills
  • Current or past C.C.E.C. Student(s) wanting to improve or maintain their French language skills
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents looking for employment skills or who just have a love of the language 

C.C.E.C.'s French Language - FSL Certificate Program (Combo Course)

1- French Language Certificate: Introductory Level

This course is an introduction to the French language for those who have zero knowledge about the French language. Unlike other levels offered by C.C.E.C. in French Language, this course is normally taken to acquire very basic elements of the language before entering the Beginner level.


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