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Why Douglas Breard from Manulife and Desjardins?
Douglas has been educating and providing solutions for clients` needs for over 10 years.
He will analyze your current situation and recommend a course of action tailored to your needs of medical and dental benefits offered by Manulife. Let Douglas help you stay focused on your goals and adjust your retirement. Teaching you and providing the proper course for your retirement needs is first in his mind with retirement funds from Desjardins.

Why Manulife for my Health and Dental Benefits?
We are all aware that there are gaps in government health insurance plans. If you are one of the millions of Canadians not fully covered by a group health plan, you are vulnerable to healthcare expenses not covered by your government health insurance plan. Prescription drugs, registered specialists and therapists, medical equipment, an ambulance ride — these are just some of the costs not fully covered by most provincial health plans. There are many plans and benefit levels to choose from, so you may select the coverage that suits your situation, lifestyle, and finances.

Why Travel Insurance from Manulife?
Whether you're travelling to another province or another country, give yourself the peace-of-mind of knowing that you are protected against medical expenses that may result from an unexpected accident or illness. Then relax and enjoy the pleasures that travelling brings. Travel insurance plans can also protect you against costs that result from unforeseen events such as lost, delayed or damaged luggage, a missed flight connection or a cancelled/interrupted trip.

Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance.
CoverMe Travel insurance for Visitors to Canada offers your family and friends a simple way to protect themselves against the cost of emergency medical expenses and more, while they are visiting Canada. It also meets the Super Visa insurance requirements. Visitors have a variety of Single-Trip coverage amount options to choose from, so they can select the plan that's right for them.

Why Desjardins for retirement planning?
Desjardins placed first in North America and fifth in the world in Bloomberg's 2015 ranking of the World's 20 Strongest Banks.  We are committed to providing excellent service and group retirement savings solutions that will meet your needs. Tax-sheltered plans like TFSAs, RRSPs or RESPs to match your life situation and your current and future needs.

What is an RRSP?
A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is an account, registered with the federal government available to you to save for retirement. There are a number of benefits to saving in an RRSP. You won't pay any tax on investment earnings as long as they stay in your RRSP. This tax-free compounding allows your savings to grow faster. You will receive a tax credit in the working years when you make a RRSP contribution.

What is a TFSA?
The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is an account that provides tax benefits for saving in Canada. Investment income, including capital gains and dividends, earned in a TFSA is not taxed, even when withdrawn. Contributions to a TFSA are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Is there any direct or indirect financial or other benefits to C.C.E. College or P.D.L.E.S. from this service?

Absolutely not. This service or arrangement is purely for members or student's objective benefit

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