About Can-College

Can-College is a Government-approved ISP and a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). DLI # O262228554872

Canadian Career Education College ("Can-College") is  

“Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005” 

Canadian Career Education College "Can-College." is authorized to offer Vocational Programs approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Ontario, Canada and any non-vocational education program in compliance with the Private Career Colleges Act and Ministry's guidelines.

International students enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), a school approved by the provincial or territorial government to host international students for programs that are more than six months in length, are required to obtain a study permit. International students are responsible for ensuring that their study permits are valid at all times.

Can-College Current Student intake-Enrolment:

  • 500-3000 students per year (Vocational and Non-Vocation Programs)

Campus Size (Canada):

  • 15000 SQF 
  • Staff Size-21-39 (Excluding Educators/Instructors)

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Links for Government Approval & Verification

  • PCC # : 150035   DLI # O262228554872
  • Canadian Career Education College (Ministry of Education, Govt. of Ontario) (Please use modify the search button and enter Vaughan City or our college name)

Further details and information will be shared with qualified legitimate affiliates at the final stage.

International Joint-Venture Business Opportunites

Can-College is intending to offer its admission, enrollment and pre-admission training services locally via Major Cities outside Canada. This can be done via a joint venture, franchising or acquisition/purchase of a current approved private vocational institution by the Can-college.

Individuals having a strong financial background or private college owners may also apply and are invited for an initial discussion/qualifying round. Anticipated minimum gross financial volume CA$1.5 Million -5.0 Million+. per year per location

Criteria for current college or institution outside Canada for joint venture or acquisition:

1- Must be a reputed registered Government approved, University, Community College or a Private College outside Canada.

2- And willing to engage in a joint venture, share-based partnership, and franchising or 

3- Intending to offer the current Corporate-Instituion's status for an acquisition by the Can-College (100% Canadian investment)

Welcome to any other proposal (Permitted by law)

Franchising Option

General Requirements:

  • One time franchise fee/license (Refundable/Transferable subject to certain terms).
  • Refundable student fee security deposit based on the estimated number of enrollments per semester(a final amount can be calculated later).

In this arrangement, the Franchisee will be allowed to operate under the brand name Can-College and 100% program delivery will be according to the Can-College standard.

  1. This is not a partnership. the Franchisee will be responsible to base all other costs 100% to deliver the program at the location.
  2. There will be no other percentage or share i.e. all income will be 100% the Franchisee.
  3. Can-College will only charge per student enrollment fixed fee (based on a percentage of tuition fees paid by the student) 

Further details can be discussed and settled with eligible parties.

Can-College programs are approved to be delivered online and we have a state of the art LMS customized system to deliver online education having a capacity @ 1000 students at a time in one class/lecture, so we don't worry about the delivery method.​

Criteria for Individuals:
1-Must me a citizen of the current country of residence and have a strong financial background for a joint venture/share purchase opportunity. The expected minimum net financial worth is estimated at CAD 200,000. An individual in this category may become a partner or share and work basis for the international operation(s)/designated geographic location.

2- Must contain a minimum Bechler's degree or higher with a minimum of three years of business and administrative experience.

How to contact or start the process:

Please use the form available on the following link/ green button and send your brief information and details to become a Can-College affiliated Designated Institution outside Canada or to apply for a joint venture or a franchise opportunity or for acquisition option.  (All information and communication in this matter is considered private and confidential)

You may also contact us via email

  • Once we receive a complete form, one of the designated persons from Can-College will contact you via email or phone for a brief introduction and to arrange a meeting if required.
  • Please allow 4-7 business days for this process to complete.  Our business hours are 9.30 am to 4.30 pm EST (Toronto Time)

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About Can-College.


Designated Learning Institution DLI # O262228554872