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Can-College Study Permit Support Services

Effective October 6, 2020, Can-College will be offering Visa support services via the following methods and categories:

  1. Study Permit Outside Canada Process: Free visa application support resources via a secure portal, with guidance and supporting documentation (best for self-represented applicants).
  2. (SPS-02) Study Permit Outside Canada Process: ((First Time Applying, Single Applicant) No Previous Record.) Limited scope representation via a licensed legal professional. A flat fee of Can$795 will apply.
  3. (SPS-03) Study Permit Outside Canada Process: ((First Time Applying, Applicant plus Dependent(s)) No Previous Record.) Full scope representation via a licensed legal professional. A flat fee of Can$1250–2950 will apply.
  4. (SPS-04) Study Permit Outside Canada Process:Refusal review and re-submission. Limited scope representation via licensed legal professionals. A flat fee of Can$895 will apply. 
  5. (SPS-05) Study Permit Inside Canada. Restoration of Status Process: (Non-Student (i.e., not currently enrolled with Can-College).) Restoration of study permit or from another status to Study Permit application including extension or restoration of status. Service level – *limited scope representation via a licensed legal professional. A flat fee of Can$795 will apply. (For the student who is changing the enrollment from other Canadian Institution to Can-College and wishes to restore an expired status after enrolling in Can-College Program)
  6. (SPS-06) Study Permit Inside Canada Process: (Student currently enrolled with Can-College.) Change of conditions including extensions and restoration of status. Service Level –*limited scope representation via a licensed legal professional. A flat fee of Can$495 will apply.
  7. For Can-College Current Students Graduating in a full-time study program: A regular work permit application or a new study permit application in a new program at Can-College, via Inside Canada Process, change of conditions including extensions and restoration of status. Service Level – *limited scope representation via a licensed legal professional. 100% free.

Important definitions:

Study Permit Outside Canada Process.
A foreign national outside Canada making an application to the Canadian High Commission Office.

Study Permit Inside Canada Process.
A foreign national is physically present in Canada making an application to the Canadian Visa or processing office in Canada.

Change of Conditions.
A foreign national in Canada who wishes to change the status of his temporary residence permit from one category to another.

Current Active Can-College Student
Active Study Permit Holder via Can- College LOA and enrolled in a full-time study program, who may wish to continue study or change his status from study to work if permitted by law and meeting the criteria.

Service: Canadian Study Permit Application.

Can-College Designated Legal Counsel:
A member in good standing of ICCRC and/or Canadian Law Society.

Can-College Designated Staff Assistant Legal Counsel.
The college staff consisting of senior-level college administrative staff members and/or law students professionally trained and working under the supervision of “Can-College Designated Legal Counsel”.

Self-Represented Applicant
The term “Self-Represented Applicant” describes people who wish to deal with their legal matters without a lawyer/legal counsel.

Limited Scope Retainer.
A limited-scope retainer is a term commonly interchanged with targeted legal services, unbundled legal services and discrete legal services. It is the provision of legal services for part, but not all, of a client's matter, as agreed to between Counsel and client.

Limited Scope Counsel.
Limited-scope representation is when you and a legal counsel agree that the counsel will handle some parts of your case and you will handle others. This is different from more traditional arrangements between counsel and clients where a counsel is hired to provide legal services on all aspects of a case, from start to finish.

At its very simplest, the “unbundling” of legal services, also commonly called “limited scope representation” or “a limited scope retainer” (which is now a defined term under the Rules of Professional Conduct), is “the provision of legal services by a Licensed Legal Counsel for a part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter by agreement between the Counsel and the client.”

Limited scope representation does not mean less competent or lower quality legal services. Legal Counsels owe the same duties of competence, diligence, loyalty and confidentiality to limited-scope clients that you owe to full-service clients. This includes understanding their particular circumstances sufficiently to give them appropriate legal advice.

The term “limited scope retainer” means the provision of legal services by a Counsel for a part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter. Another expression is often used is “unbundled services”.

In other words, you hire a Counsel to help you as needed.  This can be for one meeting, ongoing legal advice behind the scenes, or representation in a decision-making process.  The self-rep can hire the Counsel to perform a single task or provide coaching to help equip the self-rep to do the task.

Limited scope retainers are designed to provide valuable legal guidance at an affordable cost, making them a facilitator of access to legal services and access to justice.


(Service levels 2-6) You can hire a Counsel to provide a number of services. Here are just a few examples:

  • an opinion as to the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
  • strategic advice for your case.
  • guidance on required procedures.
  • preparation or review of documents, such as application forms, supporting documents, affidavits, etc.
  • conduct discovery, or perform the file record search/case history on your behalf.
  • coaching for or partial or full representation at a specific call for further documents or interviews.
  • Represent you to file and communicate with the IRCC-Visa Office.
  • File a review-Re-submission if the visa is refused.

How this will work:

For Options 1 and 7: You will be required to log into the secure visa support portal from the LMS page and follow instructions to receive support/resources from trained staff and licensed legal professionals.

For Options 2-6: Once you are enrolled and have received an LOA from Can-College, from the secure visa support portal, you may select your desired service level. Then, within 3 to 4 business days, Can-College’s designated staff and a licensed legal counsel will review your profile and documents and send a draft of Retainer agreement outlining services covered or required.

If you agree, you will sign that and send back via a secure portal. An invoice will be generated at that time for you to pay. Once the fee is received, your digital file and related supporting documents will be transferred to the legal team for further processing.


You will receive direct communication and instructions from the legal team to complete the process in a professional manner.

Refund Policy for Legal Services:
Do you get money back from the retainer fee?

If the Counsel accepts your application for processing, the fees paid will be applied for the required services. If the Counsel does not accept, your application for reasons explained in his/her refusal for an acceptance letter, you will receive a refund of all fees in 5 to 10 business days.

If your study permit/visa application is approved, this fee will be considered and applied to your tuition fees. This means this service will be 100% Free for you. This fee is not refundable in any other circumstances.  

A retainer fee is a payment made to a professional, often a Counsel, by a client for future services. Retainer fees do not guarantee an outcome or final product. Portions of retainer fees can be refunded if services end up costing less than originally planned, and they are not offered on a flat rate fee basis.

DISCONTINUED - Study Permit Support Services


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