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Business and Project Management
 Database Development & Administration
 Diploma in Hotel Operations & Hospitality Management
 E-Business Administration Diploma
 Occupational Health and Safety Administration & Management Diploma
 ​Personal Support and Child Care Diploma
 ​Long Term Care Services Administration & Management Diploma
  ​Health Care Services Administration & Management Diploma
 Patient Service Associate

Canadian Career Education College is a proud institution of Government brand "EduCanada" CMEC.


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C.C.E.C.'s  Short Study (Non-Vocational) Programs

Generally, you must apply for a study permit before you come to Canada. Some people can apply for a study permit from within Canada. In some cases, you can apply when you arrive in Canada at the port of entry. Make sure you understand which option is available to you.

Fees and Program Duration:

  • Can$ 2900- Can$12000 per program.
  • Duration: 7-9 Weeks 
  • Hours: 240-300 per program

Admission Registration Sessions: 

  • Spring May 2021 - Open
  • Fall Oct 2021       - Open
  • Winter Jan 2022   - Open

How to Apply: 

 Admission Assessment Fee: Free 

Short-term study programs (6 months or less) for individuals in regulated and high-demand occupations

​An Advanced Study Certification (CAS) at the Canadian Career Education College (C.C.E.C.) is a great way to learn specialized skills and augment your education at the professional level. You’ll enjoy engaging, meaningful studies with convenience and flexibility—without the large time and financial commitment of a full-fledged professional program, presented by renowned faculty.

Consider a C.C.E.C. CAS if you want to:

  • Study the latest in information field trends
  • Learn about emerging resources
  • Boost your workplace edge
  • Freshen your resume
  • Keep current with changes in your profession

A CAS from C.C.E.C. offers:


The CAS can be completed in a short period, depending on the program.


Course content is cutting-edge and up-to-the-minute, based on original C.C.E.C. research.
Courses are taught by the same professors who guide students at C.C.E.C. as well as various other law schools and institutions.


Course hours or credits are transferable into other C.C.E.C.  programs if you decide to continue your studies. Most of C.C.E.C.’s CAS courses are accredited for professionalism content (CPD Credits) at major Law Societies in Canada. (Please explore course details for more information)

Program Benefits:

  • No IELTS or such assessment required.
  • No Upfront Tuition Fee.
  • No age Limit.
  • May bring family members once a visa for the principal applicant is approved.
  • Easy admission and documentation process in one of Can-College’s BTP Programs.
  • Can-College will provide LOA, Enrollment Contract, Invitation Letter and arrange Accommodation and Health Insurance Letter for visa application. (All included in LOA Fee).
  • Short study permit status can be changed to full-time study or work without leaving Canada (In Canada Process).

You may study at Can-College in Canada without a full-time study permit if the course or program lasts 6 months or less.

If you are already in Canada having a current temp. resident or study permit and/or your study situation changes (for example, you want to stay in Canada to complete your short study or study for more than 6 months or apply for a longer study or work permit) you may submit an application without leaving Canada.

Can-College is a DLI and offers comprehensive short study programs to individuals in regulated and high-demand occupations. Hundreds of applicants have benefited from this opportunity and settled in Canada.

Program-Enrollment Eligibility:

Apply only if you have a degree or current license and experience in any one of the following regulated occupations.

List of Can-College short study programs

  1. Architect Licensing Study Program

  2. Attorney/Lawyer Licensing Study Program

  3. Audiologist and Speech-Language Licensing Study Program

  4. Audiologist Licensing Study Program

  5. Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Licensing Study Program

  6. Chartered Chemist Licensing Study Program

  7. Chiropodist Licensing Study Program

  8. Chiropractor Licensing Study Program

  9. Dental Hygienist Licensing Study Program

  10. Dental Technologist Licensing Study Program

  11. Dentistry Licensing Study Program

  12. Dietitian Licensing Study Program

  13. Engineer Licensing Study Program

  14. Engineering Technician or Technologist

  15. Massage Therapist Licensing Study Program

  16. Medical Laboratory Technologist Licensing Study Program

  17. Medical Radiation Technologist Licensing Study Program

  18. Nurse Licensing Study Program

  19. Occupational Therapist Licensing Study Program

  20. Optician Licensing Study Program

  21. Optometrist Licensing Study Program

  22. Physician or Surgeon Licensing Study Program

  23. Physiotherapy Licensing Study Program

  24. Pharmacist Licensing Study Program

  25. Pharmacy Technician Licensing Study Program

  26. Psychologist Licensing Study Program

  27. Psychotherapy Licensing Study Program

  28. Respiratory Therapist Licensing Study Program

  29. ​Veterinarian Licensing Study Program

  30. Emergency Management & Planning
  31. Correctional service officer diploma
  32. ​English for Academic Preparation (EAP)
  33. French for Academic Preparation (EAP)