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Legal and Professional Education College Internal Complaint Process

LAPE College has a comprehensive internal complaint procedure from intake to decision and review.

​Your complaint helps us as practical and effective guidance for staff, managers or student(s) for future practice, and to resolve any LAPE College registration, course, financial or management handling problem. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


To resolve student issues related to problems and complaints which fall in areas like registration, course, financial reservation, account/refund, quality of presentation, processing or management.​


Different options are available to the person making the complaint, including what to do if the complaint is not resolved in the first instance, such as:

Step one: college complaint procedure, use this email address admin@lapec.org to submit your complaint in writing or via online form to LAPE College dean and president.

Dean/President will decide whether to dismiss the complaint or make a recommendation as to any further action in relation to the complaint. A comprehensive process and procedure will be adopted during this process. Please refer to “section A.”

If after applying procedures in section A, and B your complaint is not addressed to your satisfaction or parties do not reach a resolution, then follow step two and submit a complaint to the Ministry’s designated department.

Step one is mandatory to be processed, before commencing step two.​


(Contact your legal advisor for other legal remedies, ADR or mediation route.)

Possible outcomes

Examples of available complaint outcomes, both disciplinary and monodisciplinary, including provision for follow-up and monitoring, include: apology, agreement to stop bad behaviour, training for individual or team within LAPE College staff, changed working arrangements or disciplinary action, firing responsible staff.

Section: A

Complaint process and procedures

LAPE College has steps in place to be followed when a formal internal complaint is lodged and timelines/ limits for completing each step. This process should apply natural justice principles, including confidentiality, timeliness, impartiality; the right to a support person for both complainant and respondent; right of reply; finding based on this case only, not respondent’s track record; recommendation (for example, counselling or discipline) that is reasonable and commensurate with the finding and prior history (respondent’s track record is relevant to the recommendation); the right of either party to approach available authority, as mentioned in above step 2 and details of the internal LAPE College appeal process.

Rules and procedures:

The process to be followed by the L.A.P.E College in dealing with the complaint which shall include,

  • giving the student making the complaint an opportunity to make oral submissions,
  • allowing the student to have a person present with the student at all stages of the proceedings, and
  • the right of the student to have the person referred to in subclause (ii) make the oral submissions on his or her behalf;

(d) a description of the manner in which complaints, submissions and decisions will be recorded;

(e) a maximum length of time that may elapse between the date the complaint is submitted and the date a decision is issued by the college;

(f) The decision will be delivered to the student in writing and include reasons;

(g) The student will have an opportunity to submit an application for reviewing a decision; please refer to section B

(h) the college will maintain a record of every complaint at the campus where the complaint originated for a period of at least three years from the date of the decision relating to the complaint, which record shall include a copy of the complaint, of any submission filed with respect to the complaint and of the decision; and application for review and decision of review.

(i) The college will provide the student who makes a complaint with a copy of the record referred to in clause (h) upon request

Section B

Procedures for application for reviewing and appealing a decision

(1). within 30 days, from the date and time student receives the final decision on the original complaint,

A student may file a request to review or appeal the decision before the decision review and appeal committee consisting of 2 members of the faculty and one administrative staff.

(2). Review or appeal request must be submitted in writing at the address of the college or via email and may contain new evidence which was not submitted before and must be.

(3). The committee will render its decision within 90-180 days from the time review request is received.

(4). The committee’s detailed decision will be delivered to the complainant in writing via courier or email at his/her given address.

If after applying procedures in section A, and B your complaint is not addressed to your satisfaction or parties do not reach a resolution, then follow step two and submit a complaint to the Ministry’s designated department.

Ready To File Complaint 

To start your complaint, take this first step and send your complaint details via email at admin@lapec.org or post mail or fax at the college address

99 Sante Dr. Unit B,

Vaughan, Ontario.

L4K3C4 Canada

Tel- 1-905-499-3631



Or you may use the simple online form. Web link for a Complaint form

Once LAPE College complaint manager receives your information, you will be contacted via email or telephone within 24 business hours with your complaint number and instructions to send further documents relevant to your issue. A L.A.P.E.C. representative will be appointed to deal with your complaint and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Within 90 days from the date and time, you as complainant have determined that your issue has not been resolved by LAPE College management, you may proceed to step 2 and address your complaint by submitting a complaint form to the Ministry. 



C.C.E.C. Complaint Policy and Procedure