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Option One:  Employer-Sponsored Scholarship Program 

Can-College’s Employer-Sponsored Scholarship Program offers scholarship awards specifically to employees or dependents of eligible employees of an affiliated organization or employer.

Program name:Affiliated Employer Scholarship Program (AESP)

Can-College Scholarships for qualified employees of an affiliated organization or employer.


Benefits of employer-sponsored programs include:

  1. Indirect advancement of a trade or industry by targeting certain fields of study
  2. Demonstration of a company's community spirit and goodwill
  3. Professional scholarship program administered by Can-College
  4. Tax-deductible contributions if allowed by your jurisdiction

Business sponsors say the intangible benefits of scholarship funding through AESP are often the most rewarding:

An unexpected outcome is improved labour relations. Line staff and managers are equally examined in scholarship decision-making.

We consider the scholarship to be an investment in the families of your employees and it shows you support them.

As part of our scholarship program under AESP, we provide up to 40 scholarships a year to undergraduates studying in a skill-based diploma program at Can-College.

Who’s eligible for the scholarship?

To qualify for a scholarship, you must be:

  1. a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or a foreign national outside Canada, employed on a full-time basis for a minimum of 24 months by a corporation or organization affiliated with and enrolled in Can- College’s AOSP program. Click here for the list of pre-approved organizations.
  2. Candidate (employee) will resume his/her employment for a reasonable period of time after they finish the study program.
  3. Candidate has applied and received an offer for admission and completed its terms to receive a letter of acceptance (LOA) in a full-time diploma program at Can-College.
  4. An excellent past academic standing (minimum B average)


  • Each scholarship is worth CAN$2,000-5,000. Eligible employees of an Affiliated Organisation/Employer from Canada or Internationally can apply anytime from the start of each admission intake session to the end of the year. 
  • This scholarship is distributed to the recipients as part of the partial tuition credit, which could be up to 20-40 percent.

Eligibility for an employer

An affiliated employer may sponsor/recommend an employee, or former employee, for a scholarship or bursary on the condition that the employee returns to employment with you on completing the course.

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. Registered private corporation
  3. Reg. Not for profit Corp.
  4. Public corporation
  5. Registered Industrial Unit
  6. Govt. Organization
  7. ​Other (Subject to eligibility and validation of status)

How to apply: If you are an employer please
use this link to submit your application to enroll in this program.

If you are an employee or a candidate applying for a scholarship under the AOSP program,
please use this link to apply. (You must have an admission LOA at Can-College approved and a student ref. number.)

Value of specific employment-related training

We generally consider that programs/courses taken to maintain or upgrade employment-related skills are mainly for the employer’s benefit when it is reasonable to assume that the employee will resume their employment for a reasonable period of time after they finish the course.

For example, tuition fees for courses leading to a diploma or certificate in a field related to your employee's current or future responsibilities in your business will be reduced up to the value of the approved scholarship amount.

What is not included:

We generally consider that other business-related courses, although not directly related to your own business, are taken mainly for your benefit.

For example, fees you pay for stress management, employment equity, first aid, and language courses; travel, meals, and accommodation expenses; or training in personal interests or technical skills not related to employer’s business are not included in this program.

Can-College’s Employer-Sponsored Scholarship Program