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College Record Keeping and Transcripts

Institutional Inquiries

Exam Prep Courses or CPD Student Registration Record: 

C.C.E.C. will provide registration related confirmation directly to requesting institution via email on its written request received via email.

A student may log into his/her own profile from related OLMS and access such record.

Student Contracts

C.C.E.C. will provide a signed written contract to each student who enrolls in a vocational or diploma program at college. It is important to note that C.C.E.C. does not require a student to obtain a particular product or service as a condition of admission into the program.

Please contact your designated C.C.E.C. student advisor or submit a student support form available on the "
Support Policy" page for any inquiry related to copies of contracts.

Student Transcripts

One original copy of the diploma or certificate, and transcript is provided to students at no extra cost upon program completion.

Each additional copy or set of certified copies will be charged CAD $25. This order can be processed online. Please use the "Student records-transcripts order form" button to request additional or duplicate copies and pay online.

C.C.E.C.’s Designated Approved Offsite Record-keeper

For all vocational and diploma programs, student transcript information will be kept at the campus in digital format and by an approved offsite record-keeper. Students have the right to access their transcript for 25 years after they leave the college. Diploma or vocational program students may request a copy of the transcript from the college or the designated offsite record-keeper.

C.C.E.C.’s designated approved offsite record-keeper is:

Synaptic Vision Inc.
t. 416.539.0801
f. 416.539.8280

College Record Keeping and Transcripts