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This CAS program(s) is specifically designed for New Lawyer, Articling Student, Paralegal and other professionals in legal practice administration. 

C.C.E.C.’s online Advance Studies Certificate (ASC) program will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need in today's rapidly changing international and local community. Whether you're new to the field of law practice or a seasoned professional looking for new skills and inspiration, C.C.E.C.’s online program has a proven track record as one of the only and pioneering online advanced certificate program for Immigration consultants or paralegals and other such legal professionals.

Program characteristics:
Each C.C.E. College advance certification course will have its own characteristics and areas of law to be covered. Complete details about each course is available on the
respective course webpage. 

Being a legal professional, this Advance Certificate will give you, amongst other things:

Learning Objective
This event examines the nature of summary conviction offences and criminal procedure. Students will learn the differences between summary convictions and indictable offences as well as regulatory offences
The criminal code provisions governing summary convictions will be reviewed in detail

Topic with areas to cover
Nature of summary conviction offences
Other criminal offences
Summary conviction procedure
Summary conviction trials
Summary conviction appeals

Complete course outline will be provided upon registration approval.


The Hon. Justice Rick Libman (Ontario Court of Justice, Chair of the Courts Rule Committee) B.A, LL.B, LL.M, PhD.

Course Duration:
3 Classes/Lectures
3-4 Hour Each

Start date and time
Class 1:      Online Video Access Available
Class 2:      Online Video Access Available
Class 3:     Online Video Access Available


  • Online Video 

Fees :

  • Video Format CAD 229
  • Fee is 100% refundable if registration is not approved. Refund in this situation is processed automatically.

Admission criteria for Programs:​​

  • Must be a member of Law society in Canada as Lawyer or P1 licensing or​
  • Legal Administrative Professional with a diploma in legal studies such as Law Clerk, legal Admin Assistant, Court Clerk etc,. 


PDLES-CCEC Educational Program is developed and designed based on a law school level standard to assist students. 

This PDLES-CCEC program/course is a voluntary program. It is not mandatory or required by any provincial law society or regulatory body in Canada.

**Meeting the minimum admission requirements and deadline dates is not a guarantee of admission in some courses. Only the most qualified candidates will be considered.

*Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded a designated credential, 

"Advance Study Certification in Summary Conviction Offences and Criminal Procedure ”


Certification in Summary Conviction Offences and Criminal Procedure

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