Opportunities for Health Care Professionals via a Path to Study in Canada

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Can-College Policy to change the program: If an applicant meets admission criteria and has received an offer for admission, at that stage he/she may change the program.
Please note: that it may take 15-30 days to process your admission application from the date and time it is received by the Can-College admission offer. Can-College will relay its decision to all applicants via email. Make sure to check your email account's inbox and spam folder on a regular basis.

​​without ielts study work & settle in canada

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patient service ​ study work & settle in canada , Study in Canada Without IELTS ,,   Designated Learning Institution​ ,  No IELTS , Low & No Upfront Tuition Fee, 

Top Healthcare Jobs in Canada by Demand

  1. Physician Assistant
  2. Nurse Practitioner or assistant
  3. Nursing Supervisor or assistant
  4. Health Policy Specialist
  5. Respiratory Therapist or assistant
  6. Health Care Manager
  7. Dental Hygienist
  8. Medical Radiation Technologist
  9. Pharmacist or assistant
  10. Nurse
  11. Occupational Therapist or assistant
  12. Pharmacist or assistant
  13. Occupational Therapist or assistant
  14. Physiotherapist or assistant

Our College Vocational Diploma programs may assist you to transition seamlessly to the occupations listed above once you graduate. 

If you have a health care professional background in any of the following occupational categories outside Canada or currently in Canada having any immigration status, you can enter Canada or maintain your status and legally make your way towards PR (permanent Resident) status on a fast-track basis. It’s a win-win opportunity. Study & while working, then change status to full-time work and apply for Canadian PR having Canadian Education & Experience!

​​Managerial Study Programs for health care professionals. (NOC) National Occupation Classification Code 1243, 2263
Medical administrative assistants, Managers & Inspectors,  (Canadian wage rate C$21-32 per hour)

Long Term Care Services Administration & Management Diploma  In-Class (Domestic & International Students) Admission Open
Health Care Services Administration & Management Diploma  In-Class (Domestic & International Students) Admission Open

Occupational Health and Safety Administration & Management Diploma  In-Class or Online (Domestic & International Students) Admission Open

Health Care Services Programs for health care professionals. (NOC) National Occupation Classification Code 
3413, 4411 and 4412

Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates typically assist nurses, hospital staff and physicians, Personal Support Child Care work for an employer in home settings. (Canadian wage rate C$20-28.5 per hour)

​Personal Support and Child Care Diploma  In-Class or Online (Domestic & International Students) Admission Open  (NOC- 4411-4412)

Physiotherapist And Occupational Therapy Assistant Diploma (Pending MCU Approval)

Clinical Laboratory Assistant Diploma In-Class (Domestic & International Students) Admission OpenNOC 3414
​​Orthopedic Technician Assistant Diploma (Pending MCU Approval)
Pharmacy Assistant DiplomaIn-Class (Domestic & International Students) Admission Open NOC 3414
Patient Service Associate (Nurse aides, orderlies) In-Class or Online(Domestic & International Students) Admission Open NOC 3413

Stand above the crowd! C.C.E.C. study programs can help you to achieve a Canadian educational credential as early as in one year, with less cost, and acceptable to employers as well as Immigration Canada.

​No matter whether you are currently a professional with foreign experience or credentials in one of the mentioned or any other related occupations, or you are thinking to change your current career path to a different, more demanding and better paying one in North America or elsewhere in the world, Can-College could be your best choice. It’s never too late to learn! You can do it and we can help.

Healthcare professionals may include foreign nationals (outside Canada).

Our college programs can help the following professionals to 

change their careers via occupation-specific training or

above NOC-specific vocational diploma.

​All the above programs have the following very attractive characteristics

for domestic, as well as foreign nationals:

  • They fall in NOC levels with occupations in demand and are eligible

for PR application (Express Entry-Federal or PNP Pilot programs).

  • Due to COVID-19, being occupations in demand, low cost and

duration, easy admission requirements.

Immigration Status Benefits

  1. The study visa approval rate is very high.
  2. Easy to find an employer willing to sponsor a work permit application.
  3. Changing status from study to work within Canada will be seamless                                                                                                                                (i.e. can change before expiration of study permit within Canada).
  4. Get hired fast by Canadian employers when physically present in                                                                                                                              Canada and having a Canadian Health Care education credential.
  5. Have more points added for study in Canada as well working in Canada                                                                                                                (Canadian experience) for express entry pool eligibility-ITA possibility?
  6. Study and legally work without a work permit (22 hours per week).
  7. After one year of Canadian work experience, be eligible for CEC express

         entry PR application

Education and College level benefits

  1. Can-College is a DLI # O262228554872.
  2. Achieve a Canadian educational credential that is acceptable to employers as well as Immigration Canada in as early as in one year.
  3. No upper age restriction for admission or study in Canada (minimum age 18 or above).
  4. The skills-based vocational study focused on occupational demand meeting Canadian standards.
  5. The minimum education for admission is secondary school certificate or higher from Canada or home country; MSA (mature student assessment test) if no ECA available.
  6. No mandatory IELTS. Other options are available including 100% exemption, prerequisite courses, or free online ESL tests.
  7. No up-front tuition fees. Pay with monthly installments after arriving in Canada or around the start date of the program.
  8. Program duration one year full-time, in-person from Vaughan Campus.
  9. Low tuition fees and special discounts, bursaries, and past learning credits offered to eligible applicants.
  10. Free, online, and fast admission decisions (within 24 hours for RCIC-RISIA referred clients).
  11. All admission and enrollment communication via email, online, and transparent.
  12. Admission & LOA fees can be converted into tuition fees (i.e. zero cost of admission process fee upon program completion).
  13. No off-campus practicums or placements.
  14. On-demand housing and health insurance for international students.
  15. Excellent personal and online support via knowledgeable and trained college staff.
  16. Online free seminar for study and career counselling.
  17. Career development & employability support offered to graduates 100% free via reputed Canadian independent recruitment agencies.
  18. On-demand, free legal support on immigration and general civil matters before and during the study period.

Admission is open. 
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