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Business and Project Management
 Database Development & Administration
 Diploma in Hotel Operations & Hospitality Management
 E-Business Administration Diploma
 Occupational Health and Safety Administration & Management Diploma
 ​Personal Support and Child Care Diploma
 ​Long Term Care Services Administration & Management Diploma
  ​Health Care Services Administration & Management Diploma
 Patient Service Associate

Canadian Career Education College is a proud institution of Government brand "EduCanada" CMEC.


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International Student Registration-Admission Process 

Step by step guide for program registration International Students;

Step 1: Choose A Program of Interest  

- Use this link for the list of available vocational programs (Duration One Academic Year) 


- Use this link for Short Study (Non-Vocational) Programs (Duration Less than six months & Licensing in related occupations is mandatory)

​Can-College assesses admissibility to your first program choice. Your 2nd program choice will only be assessed if you are not eligible for admission to your first choice.

Step 2: See Admission Requirements:

  • The academic requirement for each program varies, so make sure you are aware of what is required prior to applying. 
  • We prioritize complete applications that include all documents required to make an admission decision.
  • We receive far more applications than spaces available. We may not have the capacity to admit all applicants who meet the minimum general and program-specific requirements. As a result, we process international applications on a selective basis. Programs can close earlier than the deadline date if enrolment capacity for the program is achieved prior to the deadline date. Submission of an application does not guarantee an offer of enrolment in a program.

Click here for International Student Requirements

Please carefully review the admissions requirements to ensure all documents are submitted and your application is complete.

Step 3: Find Out When To Apply

  • ​In general, we recommend applying six months prior to the start date of the program; for example, before February 1, if you want to start school in September. At Can-College the admission process has several steps and can take up to 15–45 days. So it’s a good idea to get an application in early.
  • ​Due to the high volume of applications received, we are not able to provide exact processing times. However, the current application processing time is approximately 2-3+ weeks.
  • Processing time starts when we receive a complete application, Please note that we will not begin reviewing applications/issuing offers until you have submitted all required documents and information.
  • ​We are currently accepting/reviewing applications and processing offers as per the Admissions Cycle mentioned under each program on the Admission application page/program list.

​​Step 4 - Apply Online

Applying to C.C.E.C. as an international student is easy. Once you have decided which program you would like to apply for, simply complete and submit your application online attaching scanned copies of necessary supporting documents. You can find more information about what supporting documents are required in the Admission Requirements section. 
Click here for Online Admission Application Page

Step 5:  Admission Offer and Acceptance

If your application is complete and C.C.E.C.  accepts your application for a specific program, you will receive a formal offer of admission along with an enrolment contract via email in PDF. 
You must respond to it by the expiry date noted on your offer letter/documentation. You can reply via email or

You can also confirm by calling the admission administrator at 1-905-499-3631 EXT 103

Conditional Admission* Through EAP (ESL)

Applicants from eligible countries who do not meet C.C.E.C.'s English language entry requirements may be offered a conditional acceptance for a College diploma, postsecondary programs which will be subject to the successful completion of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program from Can-College or other designated institution.

Step 6 - Your Letter Of Acceptance (LOA)

After we receive your complete offer of acceptance as per Step 5 it will be reviewed by our admissions officers once again.

At that point, if all required documents and all **fees/payments are in order, we will issue a Letter of Acceptance and send it via email in PDF or it can be picked up from our college location during business hours. This letter must be included in your Study Permit (visa) application to the Canadian Immigration Office at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

We prioritize complete applications that include all documents required to make an admission decision.  Please carefully review the admissions requirements to ensure all documents are submitted and your application is complete.

​​*For applicants from some countries (e.g., countries where English is the first/official language and countries in South Asia) we are not able to provide the option of a Letter of Acceptance to the Can-College English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) as it has been our experience that Study Permit applicants from specific countries are rejected by the Canadian visa office for a Study Permit (visa) when there is an ESL (English as a Second Language) component requested. For applicants from South Asian countries (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) it is highly recommended to submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores.

** Please see the admission requirements page

 For any further questions on admission requirements, please email or call 905-499-3631- EXT 102 or 103

Can-College Admission Process A Brief Overview:

For better clarity; The complete admission process from point A to Z is around 30 to 45 days.

C.C.E.C. admissions process starts from an initial assessment and an offer for admission which may take any time between 24 hours to 5 business days. (Thanks to the technology and system we have in place). If all required documents are complete our admission team may make an offer very quickly within 24-48 business hours, however, there are applications where documents are not complete, and processing time may be different.

It is not against the law to make an initial offer or decision fast, moreover, there are several steps involved to complete documentation for a final decision. This information is relayed to a student applicant in the form of LOA (Letter of Acceptance). The initial offer for admission is not an LOA. The admissions office examines documents received from the applicant and may make an offer with a decision for admission which is the first step (within 24-72 Business Hours).

Once an offer is received, the student then has 30 days to consider and if they agree on terms, they may process with the LOA fee and move on to the next step. Once the LOA fee is paid we examine all documents and information again for completeness and then an applicant gets final documentation to apply for a visa.