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Getting a Response from Can-College

When contacting the college, there will be different points of contact for the different stages of the application-Admission completion process. Please refer to the list below to find the most appropriate point of contact for your current situation:

1-Students who have not applied
For students who have not yet applied, please refer to the admissions process page for a step-by-step guide on the entire process. It details each step of the process and provides useful links and information needed for the
application process

2-Students who have applied but have not received an offer
Please allow 20-25 business days for the college’s admission management team to process the application and send out a decision. You will receive the decision via email. Please remember to check your inbox and spam folder.

3-Students who have received an offer letter
If you would like to verify your admission application status with the college, please follow the steps
on this page.

If you have questions or concerns about your admission after you have received an offer letter, please contact your designated admissions administrator, as found on your offer letter, with your full name and reference number.

4-Students who have received an LOA
For students who have received their LOA, please contact your designated admissions administrator as found on your offer letter or refer to the
LOA & After web page for more information on the LOA policies and the remaining steps needed before arriving in Canada. 

For all accounts and fee-related affairs please use this link 

Our standard response time for emails is 24-48 business hours for general response-related affairs.

Please note that sending multiple emails to unrelated email accounts or teams will result in a delay in response or your message being deleted.

Technical Support Policy:

For Students:

C.C.E.C. does not offer general or technical support via telephone or email without student applying the following procedures, or receiving mandatory support form. Once support form is received, support manager's response time is less than 24 business hours.

At C.C.E.C. we are always very serious about providing accurate, to-the-point required support to current or past student(s), as soon as possible. A prompt and accurate reply is possible only when we have accurate and to-the-point information from students.

To resolve any support-related inquiry (24/7) in minimum time we have provided every possible answer to general questions via the following Q & A link

Support for instructors is available between 8 AM-8 PM EST Monday to Friday. (Please refer to secure course page on CCEC OLMS for directions)

Common Q & A

We treat all students equally and with respect. Inquiries are handled in sequence as they arrive in our office, and response depends upon volume at any given time.

Mandatory support ticket form-S

Please note: C.C.E.C.staff does not provide or offer any personal computer or software-related technical assistance or training to members. If you still encounter problems in this situation, please try to explore a solution via the following common questions/issues. If you still face difficulty and cannot find a solution, then submit a support ticket form.

C.C.E.C. Support Policy


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