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General Application Guidelines: 
We highly recommend using a computer or laptop to submit the admission application. 

All candidates must follow the following steps to submit an admission application online.

Semester-Program Start (Standard) Schedule:

  • Winter – January
  • Summer - May 
  • Fall – September 

Current Schedule and Enrollment Status: 2020-2021 (International Student Admissions)

1. Spring 2020 (Classes Starting from May 29, 2020) Admission Closed
2. Fall 2020 (Classes Starting from September 29, 2020) Admission
In-Class Closed, Online Open
3. Winter 2020 (Classes Starting from January 29, 2021) Admission
4. Spring 2021 (Classes Starting from May 29, 2021) Admission
5. Fall 2021 (Classes Starting from September 29, 2021)

Domestic Students may submit an application anytime on or before 15 days before the start date.

​​​​If you have already submitted an application and completed all steps, and not received any response from admissions office within given estimated time, please call 905-499-3631- EXT 103 or 102 or 101 for the status of your application, or email  

After Submission Stage One and Two Admission Procedures 

Online Admission Application Submission