Thank you for considering Can-College to your further your study in Canada. Can-College is a Government-approved ISP and a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). (Please note, hyperlinks on this page will open in a new window.)

International students enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), a school approved by the provincial or territorial government to host international students for programs that are more than six months in length, are required to obtain a study permit. International students are responsible for ensuring that their study permits are valid at all times.

Can-College’s DLI number is O262228554872.

Attestation Letter PAL Update

Important Notice: 
Attestation Letter (IRCC requirement dated January 22, 2024)
Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) Not Required to study in these program 

Why Can-College?
Since 2011, Can-College has been one of Canada’s leading career education provider for innovative, skill and career-focused education. We are located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), just 30+ minutes from downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and other main cities. Our students gain real-world knowledge and amplify their studies through in-class or online international standard curriculum, which is taught by instructors who have specialized knowledge.

Choosing Can-College for your career education means getting closer to where you want to be. Whether that involves working in your field or pursuing studies to bring up your credentials according to North American standards, a Can-College education will ensure your success.

We are dedicated to creating a culture of action, where education and experience go hand-in-hand.

Our knowledgeable administrative staff are always there to assist you at every step of the way, and without any obligation. Whether you are in Canada and  considering switching your current program or career or overseas, we can deliver all pre-admission to post-admission information and services at your doorstep. We can offer 100% free support to international students for a study visa and special scholarship programs.

You have a choice to study in-class from our campus in Canada, or online at your own pace and time.

We will support you throughout your entire academic career. Can-College offers peer mentorship support and a vibrant campus community to help you succeed.

How to start the admission process at Can-College.

There are several ways to seek direct or indirect assistance for admission to our programs.

Option One:
Contact our designated in-house administrative staff—one hundred percent free and without any obligation. They can help through group advising, drop-in hours, and one-on-one telephone or live web meeting appointments. Click here to access designated staff contact page

We encourage all international students/applicants to explore the following before starting the enrollment process with Can-College.
Before you choose a program, it is important to understand the following terms and process, or contact one of our designated administrative staff for further information and details on:

  1. suitable programs
  2. the qualifications you need to get into a particular program
  3. tuition fees and other costs

You can alsouse this link to access the online course calendar or request more details directly through the admissions office at our head office located in Canada. 

Option Two:
Contact Can-College's list of independent third party designated International Student Advisors/Consultants, who are Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs), or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), and seek help. Please note that these advisors/consultants are not College staff and they operate their business independently. Can-College may consider student admission requests via these approved Advisors/Consultants on a priority basis and some additional and optional discounts may apply on a case to case basis. Click Here to see the list of approved Advisors/Consultants

Option Three:
Contact your independent third party designated International Student Advisors/Consultants, who are Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs) or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), and seek help at your own cost or risk. Please note that these Advisors/Consultants are not College staff and they operate their business independently.

Can-College recognizes the importance of student advising and helping students in achieving their personal and academic goals.

Great student experiences attract strong, dedicated individuals – students of today – who become leaders of tomorrow. Can-College is focused on helping you succeed by providing you with knowledgeable staff to meet the range of your needs and aspirations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an 

ISP - International Student Program

Academic Integrity
As an international student coming from a different learning environment, it is important for you to be aware and have an understanding of the College’s values and expectations regarding academic integrity—which means honesty in one’s academic work.

As a key to success, it is crucial for you to be aware of relevant college policies related to academic integrity.

Get connected to your program office
Each faculty/school has staff available to provide advice and assistance, concerning program-related questions and issues students may face.
For more information about the staff and services offered,
visit this link.

Designated Learning Institution DLI # O262228554872

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Admission Information

Qualifications/admissions (International Students)

Each college sets its own admission standards. The standards can change from year to year. Please use the above link to access the Can-College Admission Requirements. Can I Get Admission Even If I Don’t Have IELTS? Yes

Can a foreign national in Canada on a work permit or similar status study without a study permit?

​Since by definition, distance learning does not require one to be in Canada, a study permit cannot be issued for this type of course. For example, if a foreign national authorized to work in Canada is prohibited from engaging in studies as per a condition of their work permit, they are allowed to engage in distance learning courses. Can-College has excellent opportunities for applicants in such situations to enhance their skills and education while working in Canada and without a study permit or changing conditions to their current permit. More info, Can I Work While I Study In Canada? Yes; Who Can Get A Work Permit As The Spouse Or Common-Law Partner Of A Student?

When to apply
In general, we recommend applying 6 months prior to the start date of the program; for example, apply before April 1, if you want to start school in September. 
At Can-College, the admission process has several steps and the entire can take 30-45 days, so it’s a good idea to get an application in early.

How to apply for admission
Applying for admission is 100% Online. First, check our programs page for complete details. You can apply directly to our college via web/online form and without any obligation. The application form, submission, and initial assessment are free. There is no need to hire an agent or consultant at any stage.

PAL Attestation Letter

Money Matters for International Students

How much will it cost me to study at Can-College? More Info 

You don’t have to pay the full amount upfront to get admission approval. Colleges may offer and enter payment arrangements, allowing students to pay the tuition fee in installments. Can-College has such a policy.

What you need to apply

Click here for International Student Requirements
Please carefully review the admissions requirements to ensure all documents are submitted, and that your application is complete at the time of submission.

Financial aid, Scholarships and Bursaries
You could be eligible to get money to help you pay for your college tuition fees/education. The college will accept Canadian funded student loans or scholarships from all sources. It bis the student's responsibility to apply for those loans and deal with related agencies directly. The college currently doe snot offer any scholarship of it own.

Student Leave of Absence

Can I take a leave vacation from an active course?

by law, you can.

A leave from college means that you are to discontinue your studies for a reason, and subject to your status in Canada. If your leave is approved and authorized by the Registrar's Office, you will be issued an authorized leave letter. During the leave period, you will not be able to access and attend your classes and exams. Therefore, even if you wish to continue your classes online, it is not considered a leave. Along the same lines, the college cannot issue you a leave letter if you are continuing your studies, since it is not considered a leave.
If you take this leave of absence from the college, you will not be able to graduate with the rest of your class according to your current schedule, since you will be missing classes and exams. For more information on this process, you may contact your admissions administrator if you are currently an active student.

For International Students:
Foreign students who are studying while having a valid study permit must continue studying according to the study permit condition. Generally, when an international student on a study permit leaves Canada, their study permit becomes invalid. When they come back and enter Canada, CBSA or IRCC are required to satisfy that the student’s absence or leave is authorized and that they have a valid enrollment to continue their study in Canada. Part of your study permit conditions states that you must be attending your classes from within Canada. If you leave Canada, you may have to discontinue your education and use an authorized leave letter from the college when you re-enter Canada to stay within the conditions of your study permit.

To study online, no study permit or physical presence in Canada is required.

We would highly advise you to consult with a legal counsel/representative regarding your study permit conditions and your re-entry into Canada if you are considering leaving Canada during your study period.

Student Loans
International students with study permits: you are not eligible for bank or government student loans in Canada, emergency loans or payment plans.

However, Can-College may offer a one-time emergency loan for eligible international students enrolled in one of our programs. Once you have been enrolled you will need to contact a financial aid office directly for more information.

Accommodation and Health Insurance
Accommodation and housing do not fall under the responsibility of Can-College. It is the student's responsibility to secure housing for the duration of their stay in Canada. Accommodation is not mandatory or required prior to enter Canada or for study visa application. Can-College does not have any of its own accommodation facility or direct affiliation with any insurance provider in Canada or globally. We recommend that student search Kijiji and Airbnb to search for accommodations.

After Study Visa-permit Approval Policy and Procedures