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CCEC-PDLES Live Interactive learning module (OLMS)

Students are required to have their own devices at their place matching the following system requirements.

Engaging online learning

We don’t just tell – teach! CCEC-PDLES Assigned Learning has a full range of tools that make the virtual classroom extra engaging and interactive. Show videos and share up to 6 attendee webcams (If applicable). Invite subject matter experts to teach with students. Chat, draw and highlight the content you present. And the list goes on.

Train mobile learners

Expand the reach of your live online learning to your mobile devices. The PDLES Assigned Module app for iPhone and iPad lets those on the move get the same rich, interactive learning experience that their desk-bound classmates enjoy.

For Our Students

Students can register through your course catalogue or by clicking a link in their invitation email. Reminder emails, pre-tests and uploaded learning materials help prepare Students for live sessions.

  • Self-service class registration and attendance
  • Automated reminder emails (Once registered for respective class)
  • Access to course materials
  • Pre-session or post-session tests (Where applicable)
  • Chat
  • Live and direct audio conferencing via phone and computer
  • Specific application sharing*
  • Drawing tools*

Interactive Learning Features

During learning, session educators can gauge Students' interest
and participation using dashboard charts and keep them
involved. Assess what students have learned by giving tests
before, during, and after the live learning module.

  • Dashboard
  • Audience view (thumbnail of presentation)
  • Sharing / delivering documents and notes
  • Exams
  • Assignments
  • Student forums

For Students

In addition to seeing the presenter's screen, Students can download the documents, images, media files and web links that you have made available. They can also participate by chatting and raising hands. A timer helps everyone keep track of time during tests and breaks.

  • Built-in audio conferencing via phone and computer
  • Access to learning materials
  • Mac and PC support
  • Students can raise hands and talk to educator live
  • Timer

After Your Learning

Upon completion, you can analyze your learning using class evaluations and reports.


  • Reports
  • Post-session tests
  • Automatic follow-up emails
  • Recorded Class webcast sharing of your recorded learning*

*As per CCEC’s specific course policy

Distance learning for International Students

Distance learning can be through e-learning, correspondence, or internet courses. Distance learning is a process by which technology is used in ways where the student does not have to physically be in the place where the teaching is taking place.

Since by definition distance learning does not require one to be in Canada, a study permit cannot be issued for this type of course. For example, if a foreign national authorized to work in Canada is prohibited from engaging in studies as per a condition of their work permit, they are allowed to engage in distance learning courses.

However, some distance learning courses include an in-Canada portion to the program (e.g., special tutorials or the writing of final exams). If the overall course of study is greater than six months, then the student requires a study permit for the in-Canada portion of the program, even if the in-Canada portion is less than six months. The duration of the study permit will be for the duration of the in-Canada portion only.

C.C.E.C. -  O.L.M.S.