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Database Development & Administration Diploma

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Internship-Placement: Not Req.

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Program Options: Full Time

Campus:Vaughan Ontario

  • Weeks: 45
  • ​Program Duration: 1 Academic Year
  • Online access to all resources 

Hours: 900


CAD $12,600.00

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Foreign Nationals AdmissionYes - ISP - International Student Program

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2172   Database Managers

Average Salary/Wage Range in Canada 

CAD $20 - CAD $38 Per Hour plus benefits (Entry Level Positions) 



Education Required

For Enrollment 

High school diploma or equivalent or
Mature Student Status

Call  1- 905-499-3631 
EXT 103,102


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End of each module/subject online multiple-choice exam and assignments

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Free online access to course notes-material where available

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International Student Fee = C$2500

Database Development & Administration Diploma


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List of Subjects Taught in the Program

  1. Introduction to Oracle Database
  2. The Business of Database Administration
  3. Database Fundamentals, Design, Tools and Techniques
  4. Writing Oracle SQL Concepts and Queries
  5. Backup, Recovery, and Server Tuning for Oracle Databases
  6. SQL Queries for Oracle Databases Development
  7. Microsoft SQL Administration Server
  8. SQL Language and Programming
  9. Oracle PL/SQL Programming
  10. Lab Work
  11. Privacy Law and Conflict Assessment
  12. Career Development


Database Developer: 

  • Understand the groundwork for building and working with relational databases including Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • Know how to optimize the accessibility and maintenance of data with the SQL programming language.
  • Know the foundation for building, querying and manipulating databases.
  • Know how to write SELECT statements for data retrieval.
  • Know the foundation of database concepts, SQL, and PL/SQL
  • Know how to maintain your organization's data and ensure the availability of your data by deploying backup, recovery and flashback operations
  • Know how to tune a server using both manual and automated techniques, as well as providing disaster recovery for Oracle 12c databases
  • Know how to write PL/SQL programs, build stored procedures, and increase the efficiency of data movement.
  • Know how to solve business problems efficiently with SQL codes
  • Know how to perform complex operations with very little code and formulate complex queries.
  • Know how to administer and manage the Microsoft SQL server system

Core Learning Objectives and Competencies of the Successful Student

  • Extract core business data requirements from source documents
  • Design both conceptual and logical data models using requirements
  • Develop, test and deploy intermediate and advanced data processing solutions using existing SQL server knowledge
  • Build robust and scalable Oracle Database 12c applications
  • Write efficient data manipulation statements using SQL Developer
  • Create databases, external tables, sequences, and synonyms
  • Write SQL SELECT statements based on ANSI/ISO standards to retrieve data from relational databases
  • Design, build and test SQL Server index management procedures, follow procedures for server installation and configuration
  • Design, build and test best practices procedures for database backup and recovery
  • Develop efficient PL/SQL programs to access Oracle databases
  • Create stored procedures and functions for reuse and maintenance
  • Maximize the potential of SQL to formulate complex queries
  • Thoroughly test SQL queries and avoid common errors
  • Deploy backup and recovery strategies to protect Oracle 12c data
  • Recognize and accurately model complex data relationships
  • Design, develop and implement advanced SQL programming techniques including XML and the Common Language Runtime
  • Ensure data integrity, establish security, and enhance performance
  • Improve cursor processing with FOR LOOPs and parameters
  • Identify the fundamental database building blocks
  • Implement automated backup and recovery techniques with Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Oracle
  • Enterprise Manager (OEM)​

​​​​​Program Outcome and Occupational Profiles

Occupational Profile:

Database Administrators (DBAs) are responsible for the evaluation of database software purchases and supervise the modification of any existing database software to meet the needs of their employer. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity and performance of company databases, and guarantee that data is stored securely and optimally. DBAs inform end users of changes in databases and train them to utilize systems. Through control access, DBAs ensure the security of company data. Their skills and technical expertise are desirable to many organizations, with the highest demand being in data-intensive organizations, such as insurance, finance, and content providers.

Required For Enrollment: All applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent prior to enrollment.

For any questions about eligibility, please call 1- 905-499-3631 Ext-103 or 102 to speak with a knowledgeable Admissions Advisor or send an email.

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