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Health Care Services Administration & Management Diploma

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Program Options: Full Time

Campus:Vaughan Ontario

  • Instructional: Weeks 47
  • ​Program Duration: 1 Academic Year
  • Online access to all resources 

Hours: 950


CAD $9350.00

+International Student Fee.

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Foreign Nationals AdmissionYes - ISP - International Student Program

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1243   Medical administrative assistants

Average Salary/Wage Range in Canada 

CAD $19 - CAD $39 Per Hour plus benefits (Entry Level Positions) 



Education Required

For Enrollment 

High school diploma or equivalent or

Mature Student Status

Call  1- 905-499-3631 
EXT 103,102 


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End of each module/subject online multiple-choice exam and assignments

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Health Care Services Administration & Management Diploma

This program has been “approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005”

Already working in healthcare but want to upgrade your education to a higher standard with a Canadian credential? We offer a healthcare-focused diploma program that allows healthcare professionals from outside North America to get training and skills in Health Administration to advance their careers into management roles.

​This one-year diploma program offers specialized medical administrative courses that teach computer and business skills, and the clinical knowledge necessary for you to become a valuable team member in a medical environment. Occupations may include dental office administrators, medical office administrators, family clinic administrators, hospitals, and similar key workplaces in the day-to-day operations of various medical facilities.

Graduates find work in medical environments such as hospitals, clinics, dental and medical offices. They also work as administrators, managers in the healthcare industry (i.e., hospitals, long-term care facilities, community-based agencies, the Ministry of Health, paramedic services, etc.).

​The Can-College Health Care Administration Diploma is a one-year full-time program designed to train our students with the business skills they’ll need to work as part of an inter-professional health care team. On-site at Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences, students are trained to use specialized computer programs that are industry-specific. We also teach them important skills they’ll need when working as part of a team or with members of the public like empathy, inclusiveness, and compassion.

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List of Subjects Taught in the Program:

  1. ​Introduction to the Healthcare Environment
  2. The Canadian Healthcare System - Past, Present, and Future Analysis
  3. Leadership in Healthcare- Managerial Perspectives and Applications
  4. Computer Literacy
  5. Reflective Practice and Self-Care
  6. Basics in Anatomy
  7. Workflow Processes and the Patient Chart
  8. Workplace Ethics & Responsibility
  9. Basics of Privacy & Cybersecurity Law
  10. Basics of Privacy and Confidentiality
  11. Career Management Principles

Designated Learning Institution DLI # O262228554872

​It's Never Too  Late to Learn

Program Details

Advances in technology are rapidly evolving the capabilities of health care system at every level with data playing an important role in this growth.
Information systems that are designed to collect, store and analyze health care data are enabling more effective and efficient treatments, important research projects and helping to identify new methods of diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases.

​​Learning objectives and skills:

The graduate will:

  • understand the role of quality in healthcare
  • understand the fundamentals of Ontario legislation regarding workplace health and safety
  • understand the core competencies of infection protection and control in the healthcare environment
  • gain a fundamental understanding of the role, function, and scope of the multidisciplinary team
  • understand the purpose of the Canadian Health Care system
  • build a basic understanding of the Canadian Political System
  • understand the role of government in healthcare financing
  • understand different healthcare models in Canada
  • understand the role and functions of a healthcare manager
  • understand the purpose of leadership in Healthcare
  • understand the value of teams, their functions, and application of leadership skills
  • develop skills and strategies to manage conflicts, make decisions, and solve problems
  • understand how to develop their career
  • understand the fundamental concepts and principles of the body, and common disorders and diseases
  • understand patient workflow processes



  • Monitor budgets and prepare reports
  • Maintain medical and staff records
  • Track medical and office supplies stock
  • Update patient health records, including admissions and insurance data
  • Create work schedules for staff members
  • Keep records of expenses and suggest ways to minimize costs
  • Answer queries from doctors, nurses and patients
  • Liaise with medical staff to identify efficiencies in the facility’s operations
  • Ensure compliance with current healthcare regulations

Graduates find work as administrators, managers in the healthcare industry (i.e., hospitals, long-term care facilities, community-based agencies, the Ministry of Health, paramedic services, etc.).

Required For Enrollment: All applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent prior to enrollment or MSA (Mature Student Status).

For any questions about eligibility, please call 1-905-499-3631 Ext 103 or 102 to speak with a knowledgeable Admissions Advisor or send an email.

Paying For College Tuition:

C.C.E.C. is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
This program has been “approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005”