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C.C.E.C. Diploma Programs

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Vaughan Campus, Ontario Canada

Vaughan Campus, Ontario Canada

  1. Business and Project Management                    
  2. Citizenship and Immigration Case Processing and Enforcement Services                 
  3. Correctional service officer diploma                        
  4. Database Development & Administration             
  5. Diploma in Hotel Operations & Hospitality Management
  6. E - Business Administration Diploma       
  7. Emergency Management & Planning                      
  8. Legal Administrative Assistant
  9. Personal Support and Child Care Diploma
  10. Police Foundations         
  11. Private Investigator and Security Services Certificate

  • Can-College Policy to change the program: If an applicant meets admission criteria and has received an offer for admission, at that stage he/she may change the program.
  • Please note: that it may take 15-30 days to process your admission application from the date and time it is received by the Can-College admission offer. Can_College will relay its decision to all applicants via email. make sure to check your email account inbox and spam folder on a regular basis.