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​​Non-Vocational Program(s) Refund Policies

The application fee, where applicable, is non-refundable.                                       

The non-vocational or specialization or advanced study certification program, including CPD, Exam Prep Courses etc., the registration fee is due upon course registration for admission to the program and is 100% refundable only if admission is not successful due to any reason related to C.C.E.C. qualifying as a college or related criteria requirements. 

  • There is no refund on the admission processing/LOA fee.
  • There is no refund on the MSA or other qualifying tests once completed.
  • There is a non-refund to the tuition-enrollment fee once the program is started or completed.
  • The tuition fee is refundable if paid in advance by the student and the study visa-permit application is not successful.
  • Minimum refund admin fee is $25, if refund is applicable

Refund on Legal Fees 

If you have opted to retain the legal services for your study permit, these matters are handled by an independent team of legal professionals outside the College's scope of business and activities. Any fee paid for this service will be non-refundable once the process has started and the legal professional has accepted your matter for representation. Please note that these fees are disbursed to the legal team for their services and expenses. Please find more details about the refund policy on this page

There is no refund for Video CPD courses if the course has already started and is accessible. A refund request before 5 days from the start of the course is applicable only in live format courses or where video course class(es) has not started yet.

Fee Collection and Refunds for Vocational Programs


Please refer to the following link for the refund policy and process for vocational programs: 

Program Cancellation

Decisions on any given program cancellation or deferral due to a waitlist, insufficient registration, or enrollment are made 7-10 business days prior to the program start date. If a student registers in the program and it is subsequently cancelled by Can-College administration, the program registration fee will be refunded in 7 to 10 business days via the same medium as it was paid originally.

Program Retakes/Repeats

In the unlikely event that a student in any program fails what he/she has prepared for, the following policy will apply:

  • For specialized courses, there is no free live course retake option.

  • Unsuccessful students will be required to retake the same full course again via video format at no course cost, and to go over the assessment again within 180 days from the last assessment due date (an assessment fee of CAD $75 will be charged).

  • Students who miss assignments/evaluations due to date will not be eligible to attend/access the final review class.

  • For other courses, please visit the related course web page, or OLMS site, and apply

Policy on changes in tuition fees after issuance of LOA

Effective October 4, 2021, or any time after, if the college updates its tuition fee structure for the following selected programs, applicable to all enrolments in a related program starting moving forward from Fall or Winter 2022.

For Example: Regardless of your program delivery format, if you have applied for one of these select programs for the Fall 2022 session prior to October 4, 2021, your final tuition balance will be adjusted once your start the program or have received an updated final LOA/Enrollment Contract (For international students, this adjustment can be made upon arrival in Canada after visa approval).

  • Currently, the following programs have a reduced fee structure effective Oct 4, 2021
  1. Diploma in Hotel Operations & Hospitality Management
  2. Personal Support Child Care Diploma
  3. Patient Service Associate Diploma
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Administration & Management Diploma
  5. Long Term Care Services Administration & Management Diploma
  6. Health Care Services Administration & Management Diploma

This means if a student has received an LOA that has a start date of the program, September 2022, to be fair with all, the new fee structure can be applied even if the student's admission has been approved with a higher fee. The updated fee structure with a reduced price can be amended or adjusted when the student starts the program.

The college will not be making changes to any LOA or enrollment contract to previously issued (prior to October 4, 2021) LOAs or agreements.

Please note that there has been no change in LOA fees or any other service fee.

Membership Level: a course subscription level.

Student: a person or individual who has registered for a course.

Refund Policies