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Understanding your Admission Offer and its Policies

Admission Offer: 

The LOA and enrolment process begins with a prospect applying for admission, then receiving an offer for admission in the study program. The admission offer is not an LOA or a contract. If admission offer will have 30 days to review and accept the offer and to fulfill condition(s) within, if any.

When you receive your admission offer letter it comes with copy of enrolment contract via a separate email. You will also receive an invoice for  an invoice for your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and admission processing fee or a MSA test fee if that is applicable.

The enrolment contract must be signed and send back to the college via secure link and admission processing fee - LOA fee invoice will be required to be paid on or around that time. This is when you confirm your admission per terms in the contract.  The Can-College Letter of Acceptance and Admission Processing - Registration fee range is between $250 CAD - $500 CAD for processing your admission and LOA.

The services offered for this fee (Application Processing Fee) are the following:

  • Admission Application Assessment.
  • Admission Application Processing.
  • Letter of acceptance process (international students)
  • Letter of acceptance verification process with IRCC
  • Pre and post-arrival support service (If study permit is approved)

Once the Admission Application Processing Fee is received, verified and applied to your account, you will receive final documentation to apply for study visa or permit if applicable.. Instructions will be sent to you via email for this process.

Generally the Can-College admission application processing fee is a non-refundable fee.
There is no refund to the tuition-enrolment fee once the program has started or completed.

  • The tuition fee is 100% refundable if paid in advance by the student and the study visa-permit application is not successful.
  • if the college is unable to issue PAL, we will be considering refund of fees to all eligible students who have applied for admission after January 22, 2024. Refund request should accompany a letter of withdrawal from the IRCC due to PAL.
  • Admission processing or LOA fee associated with short study or bridge training programs are non refundable.

Use this link for a detailed refund policy

All tuition payments can be made, in CANADIAN dollars, by Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, or Western Union(money order or certified cheques may be accepted from Canadian accounts). All payment details can be found in the Letter of Acceptance or refer to our Payment page.​event.

You don't have to send us an email or reply to accept the offer, paying the LOA or MSA test fee will be your consent to accept the offer and moving forward for further process to finalize your admission and an official letter of acceptance.

General Policy on Admission Offer Letter Expiration:

  • If the expiry date on your admission offer has passed and you have not filled the conditions or paid the related LOA processing fee by then, it is considered expired and void.
  • At the current time, the admission office is not considering any request to defer or extend an offer on or after the expiry date has passed.
  • If you have paid the fees within 10 days after the expiry date of the offer, that can be considered and reinstate the offer for further processing, or you can use this link and apply for refund.  

Available Options After Offer Expiry:
Once the offer is expired, an applicant may apply again from scratch, and the admission officer will make a new decision, while being mindful of available seats and re-assessment at that time.

​​​​​​​​Admission offer next step process.

Admission Offer and Confirming Acceptance
(Check your email account inbox as well as your spam folder for a separate email having an offer letter and enrolment contract.If your offer expires, you have to apply again, we may not grant extensions at this point.)

When you receive your admission offer letter, it also accompany with the enrolment contract and break up of all admission processing fee, this is when you have to pay the admission processing fee and to confirm your admission per terms in the contract. The service fee is generally $500 CAD for processing your admission and LOA.

Changes in Program, Date of Birth, Name or Address etc;

If you wish to request any change in your admission offer such as a program change or start and date change etc., we can consider that request once you have paid the LOA fee. Submit such a request again via email after paying the LOA fee.

If you feel that there is an error in your name or date of birth etc., please note that once you have paid the LOA fee, you will have an opportunity to correct that once the LOA fee is paid and before issuing a final LOA. We generally match that information with your passport details for accuracy. (Note, we only require first and last names for the LOA).

MSA Test Condition

If you have a condition on offer for an MSA test and received two invoices one, for LOA and one for an MSA test; 

If you have been asked to pay the "Wonderlic MSA test" fee that is because of a condition of your admission at this stage and you have to pay the MSA test fee and pass first to proceed further in the admission process and LOA. (The MSA test fee is not an LOA fee).

Once you pass the MSA test, You may pay the MSA test fee first or both the LOA fee and the MSA test fee at the same time to avoid further delay in getting the LOA after passing the test. Why do you require an MSA?  Click here to read the details and available options. 

There is no waiver to MSA test, unless you can provide "Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)"
From these acceptable List of "Designated Organizations"

Deferral policy effective January 1, 2024

Due to limited seating, we are NOT accepting deferral requests at this time.

A- Our admissions and LOA's are not for an indefinite period. Once we accept your admission and issue an LOA that refers only to one specific program and campus for the specific intake mentioned within. Admission are originally offered and accepted based on student's selected intake dates. (Please note that any previously paid admission or LOA fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.)

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