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Data-Backup and Security 

C.C.E.C. has two step in house backup and security control system in place.

One is local storage where all date is backed up and stored on our servers at a location which is placed in the server room.

C.C.E.C. has two local backup servers, one server backs update on a daily basis, and the other on weekly basis.  

Recovery Phases

Recovery activities will be conducted in a phased approach. The emphasis will be to recover critical applications effectively and efficiently. Critical applications will be recovered over a period of time after data center activation.

Phase I

Move operations to the Disaster Recovery Backup Site and the Emergency Operations Center. This activity will begin with activation of the Disaster Recovery Plan. There is a period of up to 24 hours allowed for C.C.E.C. and the turnover of the disaster recovery backup site.

Phase II

To recover critical access to the program functions, restoration of the critical applications and critical network connectivity. The goal here is to recover the systems and network so that our students can continue access to the program.

Phase III

Return data processing activities to the primary facilities or another computer facility. The following conditions, if met, will constitute a successful recovery effort: 

  • Restore critical applications to the most current date available on backup tapes stored off-site. Updating the systems and databases will take place as the recovery effort progresses.

  • It is understood that, due to the emergency or disaster, response times will probably be slower than normal production situations. The Plan provides recovery procedures to be used at the present data center site after repairs have been made or at the Disaster Recovery Backup Site and the Emergency Operations Center. It also provides recovery procedures for the restoration of critical applications using either data recovered from the damaged data center or from the backup data stored off-site.

Scope and Objectives of the Plan

The Disaster Recovery Plan provides a state of readiness allowing prompt personnel response after a disaster has occurred. This, in turn, provides for a more effective and efficient recovery effort. The Disaster Recovery Plan should be developed to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Limit the magnitude of any loss by minimizing the duration of a critical application service interruption.
  2. Assess damage, repair the damage, and activate the repaired computer center.
  3. Recover data and information imperative to the operation of critical applications.
  4. Manage the recovery operation in an organized and effective manner.
  5. Prepare technology personnel to respond effectively in disaster recovery situations Definitions