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L.A.P.E.  College 

Higher Standard In Career Education

Career and jobs , Citizenship and Immigration Officer in Canada

‚Äčimmigration enforcement officer , 

List the Subject:

  • Canadian Legal Justice System
  • The Basics of Canadian Civil Law
  • First Aid - Emergency Advanced Level Cer.
  • Criminology and Provincial Offences
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Management
  • Police Procedures
  • Canadian Policing and Principle of Ethics
  • Community Policing and Issues in Diversity
  • Public Investigation, Interviewing, and Evi
  • Youth Criminal Justice Policing Act
  • Communications and Dispute Resolution
  • Psychology
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

List the core knowledge competencies of the successful student

Learning Outcomes:

The graduate will know the importance of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Criminal Code of Canada legislation regarding criminal and civil law, Understand the laws that police officers and those working with the general public experience, Understand federal and provincial legislation involving
crime and deviant behavior, understand the connection between social surroundings and crime, understand the importance of Criminology and Psychology in the field of law enforcement, understand important legislation regarding police powers, with specific reference to the Ontario
Police Services Act, understand law enforcement powers of authority and public accountability, understand the importance of working cohesively with peers and the general public, understand the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, understand the concept of community policing,
understand the important role diversity and cultural differences play in our vast community, understand how to plan, research and conduct effective interviews and investigations, understand the various trends emerging regarding deviance and crime.

Diploma in Police Foundation

List the specific knowledge/skills

  • Common good for the community
  • Willingness to help those in need
  • Sensitive to diversity
  • Works well with others
  • Firearm Safety
  • Physically Fit
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-Awareness
  • Aware of Surroundings
  • Strategies in Dispute Resolution
  • Good Understanding of the Law

List the core skill competencies

Know how regulations directly affect law enforcement officers, know the rights and responsibilities of law enforcement officers and citizens, know how individual traits and characteristics play a key role in social settings, know how to read and analyze crime data and statistics, know causes and effects in
relation to crime associated with location, socio-economics, race and ethnicity, know current trends on crime and behavior, know the various response strategies and interventions police use when dealing with and responding to mental health issues, know the procedures in place to conduct a
police arrest and release while preserving individual rights and freedoms and maintaining community safety, work in a professional manner using police terminology, know the importance of group dynamics, know techniques in self-defense, know the basic food groups and the importance of health
eating, know the impact crime has on the community, individuals, families and the victim, have a good understanding of victim rights and available resources, know the various techniques and skills used when communicating with a diverse population, know the process and techniques on how to conduct an investigation and interview, know how to gather, maintain and preserve evidence to assist in criminal investigations, know how the routines associated with accurately collecting evidence for report writing, know the various strategies in intervention, crisis control and conflict resolution.