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Can-College Policy On “Online fee payment via credit card” (International Students)

Please apply the following steps to verify the transaction.

Step One: You have already completed this step by making this payment.

Step Two: If via Option A, your transaction is successful, then use the following blue button and print “Card authorization form” then have it filled in, signed and upload the form, along with a copy of the card holder’s photo ID.

Step Three: Use the following button to upload the “Card authorization form” and a copy of the card holder's photo ID via a secure portal. For security reasons, please do not send this form via email.

The above steps must be completed to receive further documentation related to Admission Enrolment and/or Letter of Acceptance.

At no point, cardholder information is shared, stored or released with the College or its staff.

Disputing the charge or authorization
Can-College believes in protecting the data of the cardholder and student applicants. If you are the cardholders and believe that your card has been used without authorization or consent, and wish to dispute the charge on your client, please send your claim via email or call +1-905-499-3631 Ext 244 to investigate and resolve such issue as soon as possible without further delay.

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