​​​​Exclusive Tuition Fee Discount for Domestic & international Students Impacted by Coronavirus

Program Name: Can-College Special Grant

  • Available Amount per Applicant: CAD 500-4000
  • Effective date: June 1, 2021.
  • Valid Through: August 15, 2021.
  • Quota. Total No. Of Bursaries Available: 30  (I,e. 50 eligible students may receive.) First come first serve basis.
  • Eligible Enrollment Sessions: Fall 2021 (Sep 2021), Winter 2021 (January 2022

Can-College may offer a special bursary which can be applied towards Tuition Fee as a discount to all domestic & international students who wish to enroll in any one of the following programs and in DE (Online Format)

List of Eligible Programs for Domestic Students:

  1. Business and Project Management
  2. Citizenship and Immigration Case Processing and Enforcement Services
  3. Database Development & Administration
  4. Diploma in Hotel Operations & Hospitality Management
  5. E-Business Administration Diploma
  6. ​Legal Administrative Assistant
  7. Personal Support and Child Care Diploma

List of Eligible Programs for International Students:

  1. Business and Project Management
  2. Database Development & Administration
  3. Diploma in Hotel Operations & Management
  4. E-Business Administration Diploma
  5. Personal Support and Child Care Diploma

Sample Calculation: (Program Regular Fee - COVID-19 Bursary = Current Applicable Fee)

Education Program Delivery Method:

  • For Domestic Students: In-Class
  • For International Students In-Class

Who is eligible to apply:

A new applicant and those who hold a current valid Admission Offer, Enrolment Contract or Letter of Acceptance (LOA) in the following two categories:

  • Domestic students (Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents).
  • International Students: Who do not meet the definition of Domestic Student and are currently residing outside Canada, or in Canada with a valid Temporary Residence Status in Canada.

All other admission requirements remain the same.

Who is not eligible:

  1. Applicants who received an offer for admission before January 15, 2021, and currently expired and who have not paid the LOA fee.
  2. This discount will not apply to any student who has already graduated similar reduction before at any time.
  3. This bursary discount cannot be used simultaneously or concurrently with any other scholarship, credit or discount.

How to apply:

New Applications:

If you are a new applicant who has not yet submitted an application for admission, 
use this button and submit your admission application online (make sure to attach all required documents). If your admission is approved, the Bursary amount will be automatically applied as a discount towards your tuition fee.

If you need any document indicating this Bursary applied to you, you may log in to the secure visa support page and use the available link for a letter generated by the system.​

Common Q & A.

Q-1- Can I use this Special Grant towards the LOA Fee?    Answer: No, 

Q-2- My previous offer for admission is expired. Can I apply again for new admission and will this Bursary be available for me?

Answer; Yes, you may apply again, and if admission is approved and seats/bursary limit is available you may qualify.

Q-3- Can I apply for this over the phone or via email?  Answer; No.

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The continuing education of our students is a top priority at Can-College, and we want you to know we’re still enrolling new students safely online for all upcoming programs starts. We want to set our students up for success, and that’s precisely why we go above and beyond to help you achieve your career goals. All of our 3500+ current students in vocational and non-vocational programs are continuing their education through Distance Learning (online) delivery during this time.

We’re also pleased to inform you of our recommended programs for domestic and international students that will turn thousands of students into job-ready graduates and continue to provide an exceptional Canadian education experience while you study here in Canada.

We will continue to work towards providing education to our students throughout these challenging times. We recognize that COVID-19 has impacted many Canadians, so we’ve developed new Special Grant options of up to $5000 per applicant to help more Canadians and eligible foreign nationals get on the journey to a new career through education.

We would love to hear from you and discuss our upcoming programs and bursary options available to you. If at this time, education is not in your short-term plans, we’d appreciate your sharing this email with anyone who may have been impacted by COVID-19 and is considering advancing their skills and knowledge.  Use the following detail and apply for admission today if not already done so:

Can-College Special Grant

Designated Learning Institution DLI # O262228554872

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