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CPD For Health-Care

C.C.E.C., P.D.L.E.S. and L.A.P.E.C. offer various educational programs to healthcare and legal professionals to upgrade their current knowledge-based skills to the next professional level without a formal degree or diploma. These courses fall under CPD Training, “Continued Professional Development.”

 We are focused on supporting the professional’s need to improve their knowledge and understanding in an ever-changing clinical administration and healthcare environment.

That is why we have created a learning community specifically designed for you in the following vocational areas:

  • ·           Nurse Aid/Support,
  • ·         Medical-Surgical Nursing Assistants,
  • ·         Clinical laboratory Assistants,
  • ·         Autopsy Practice Assistants,
  • ·         Pharmacy Assistants,
  • ·         Orthopedic Nursing Assistant,
  • ·         Physiotherapist Assistant,
  • ·         Occupational Therapist Assistant,

Course duration may range from 40 hours to 400 hours per course. Fee range is Can$400–2900.
Our courses may help participants to prepare for admission in a full-time vocational program at Canadian institutions in related fields.

 Since 2012, we also offer CPD courses for Canadian legal professionals;

With career development, exam prep and CPD courses, the registrant can build and develop skills to better care for your employers..
Courses are offered in-class and online in real time from various locations in Canada as well as internationally.

Continuing Professional Development, CPD Programs