Refund & Registration Policy for CPD Events

Applicant/Member agrees that before placing an order he/she has read the following information, refund policy, disclosure/s carefully and agrees to it. If you don't agree or understand, please do not place this order.

Member’s ignorance of this policy will constitute any excuse for a refund.

  • 1-Administrative cancellations
  • 2-Participant's *withdrawal
  • 1(a)-Before refund cutoff times/date
  • 2-After cutoff times/dates (special considerations)
  • 3-After program/purchase has commenced/been delivered: member’s/purchaser's responsibility
  • 4-General cutoff dates/times to make changes/registration: cancellation
  • 5-Substitution of registrant in lieu of cancellation: no-show policy (9)
  • 6-No-show or nonattendance/absence without notice: refund
  • 7-Quality and accuracy
  • 8-Membership criteria-policy
  • 9-Unsatisfied  member or nonmember
  • 10-Procedures for obtaining a refund
  • 11-Refund decision
  • 12-In-house credit to an account

The following refund policy will apply to all types of CPD delivery formats.

The CCEC. and strive to provide continued training, education programs and initiatives that are of excellent value to all participants. As a self-funded NPO/entity, does not have outside funding to cover the administrative costs and other associated expenses such as instructors, venues, printing, media production materials (e.g., name badges, certificates, records of participation, etc.) or other commitments made for programs based on enrollment. In addition, we must recover the costs for staff time in processing not only registrations but in the event of a cancellation, refunds, and returns.

The following policies and procedures have been established to address our cancellation of events and programs AND participant cancellation/withdrawal from scheduled events if applicable.

1- Can-College,  CPDHOUSE.ORG CPD Cancelled Program

College. reserves the right to cancel any program as specified on the course posting/brochure. Each registrant will be notified by email as written notification on or before the given event date and time, along with an offer for a full refund or to change the same for a different event date, time or category. is not responsible for any additional costs, including, but not limited to, nonrefundable airline or hotel reservations and other travel costs.

1-(a) Participant's *Withdrawal/*Cancellation from Program

If written notice of withdrawal is received within given timelines:

1(b)- Before Refund Cutoff Times/Date

The cutoff date to apply for a refund is 24 business hours (i.e., 1-2 days) for live webinars and 24-36 business hours (i.e., 3 days) for in-person events before the given event date and time. The actual event registration fee, less the applicable handling charge of CAD $29.00 per registration, will be refunded (This rule does to apply to CCEC). This handling charge covers the staff costs of processing refunds and other costs associated with cancellations. Members may request a refund or make any change within these cutoff timelines only. There will be no refund for recorded video format orders once processed.

1(c)- If event date, time or format is changed due to reasons beyond control, management may contact member/s via email and offer/provide alternate options or cancel the event for a full refund. Members must reply to such communication regarding changes and options on or before the event date and time as per the above timelines. If member/s does not reply, the event will be delivered in a recorded format.

2- After REFUND CUTOFF DATE (Special Considerations)

For cancellations received after the cutoff date but before the commencement of the program, requests for refunds are assessed on a case-to-case basis. In the event of death or sickness in the family a 50% refund of the total event fee may be provided (a letter of explanation is required with evidence via email or fax). Please see the refund procedures below.

3- After Program/Purchase has Commenced / Been Delivered

As all educational materials, catering (if applicable) and other resources/requirements will have been delivered/prepared in expectation of your attendance or capability to utilize the same via various media, no refunds are allowed.

It costs to process refunds/refund requests. charges $29 as refund processing charges even if 100% of a refund request is approved by 

It is a member’s responsibility to keep his/her contact information up to date; the CCEC system keeps a record of all communication.

4- General Cutoff Dates/Times to Make Changes/Registration

A- In-person participation: 48 hours prior to event start date and time. (More info on policy for the in-person format.) (No refund or exchange in format after the cutoff time or if the event is missed due to any reason.)

B- Recorded Video: No refund or change once the order is delivered with a link and password. This policy also applies to any bundle program in this format.

C- Live Webinar: Must register for the event via a given link, in the order confirmation email as soon as possible or 12 hours before the given event start date/time. Must log in to participate 15-30 minutes before the event start time on a scheduled date. It is a member’s responsibility to test connections and links at their end before the start of an event, not during the session.

Cut-off times: 24 hours before the event start time on the given/scheduled date.

(No refund or exchange in format after the cutoff time or if an event is missed due to any reason.)

D- Recorded Video Link: Once purchased and instructions delivered, no refund/change is allowed. Changes are allowed for advance reservation-based events only, or in the case of a technical issue or damage to file beyond control before offering for online purchase.

E- It is Purchaser's Responsibility to carefully read for the accuracy of order details/policies before submitting event order, such as date, time, accreditation, the number of hours and fees, and to keep a record of communication via email etc. Any intentional or unintentional error by the purchaser does not constitute a reason for a refund once an event is processed via any media/format. 

(Such errors include but are not limited to filling up a wrong registration form or errors in payment information page, not clearly identifying which event he or she is purchasing, or attending the wrong event/making payments for wrong events, emails fallen in a junk folder, member proving non-working/incorrect or inaccurate email or contact information, member creating duplicate accounts or member’s inability to understand/assess system requirements in case of recorded or webinar-based formats, etc.) 

F- Some free CPD events and in-person events may require preapproval before the final confirmation of reservation. These events will be marked as "pre-approval required”; this is necessary to verify the availability of seats as well as members set limits if applicable. The refund/cancellation policy remains the same for all types. There will be no compensation for time if a free event is cancelled as per policy.

5- Substitution of Registrant in Lieu of Cancellation

At this point in time, we do not offer any such favour. Exchange or substitution on any video CPD event or Bundle Program is not permitted.

6- No-Show or Nonattendance/Absence Without Notice

There is no refund or exchange of format in this situation. All such notices/requests must be made before cutoff timelines as mentioned above. 

No-Show Policy: If a member due to any reason fails to attend, register, or participate in any event out of cutoff time schedules, with or without any reason/s, the following may/will apply:

A- In the case of Free CPD Event: Will be marked as a no-show, and future requests will be declined. 

(No excuses/exceptions please.)

B- Regular Events: No refund or exchange

7- Quality and Accuracy

All recorded videos are checked for availability and viewability. Members should contact within 3 calendar days if they have any issue related to the damaged file for investigation and solution if applicable. Please send a request in such a situation via Form S (requests via email or telephone message or any other media will not be entertained). 

8- Membership criteria-policy (For
PDLES membership application only)

Membership duration/expiry: Membership fee will be applied to a period starting from January 1 and ending on December 31 or June 30, each respective year. It does not matter when the application is received or approved; the membership fee remains the same and is not calculated on a prorated basis. Member will have access to all past and future events and support-related services from the date joined or December 31, until the expiry of membership December 31.

9- Unsatisfied Member or Non-member

Member/s who have already registered, or this is their first time, or you have previously participated or purchased events, and you are not satisfied due to any reason(s), please do not register for any future event(s), because it costs time to track such history /communication.

We have 99% happy and satisfied members. administration/management also reserves the right to refuse accepting membership or registration based on unsatisfactory tracking history.

10- Procedures for Obtaining a Refund understands that in some circumstances withdrawal from a program/cancellation of registration may be necessary. The following steps detail how to obtain a refund for an event/course you have registered for. The procedures balance the accounting needs of (as prescribed by our auditors) and those of the participants requiring a timely refund of their money.

- Inform the office about the cancellation in writing as soon as possible by submitting online Form –R (Refund request form)

Refund requests are not processed via email or telephone.


Applicant must submit such request within a cutoff period as soon as possible by submitting online

Form –R (Refund request form).

Refund requests are not processed via email or telephone.


Member’s nonattendance does not automatically constitute a request for a refund; for that, the member must follow or initiate the procedure by submitting Form –R (Refund request form).

11- Refund Decision:

Upon approval, refunds will be processed in the same manner in which payments were made.

Please note it may take up to four weeks for to process such request(s).

CCEC accounts manager will contact the applicant via email as soon as a final decision is made in this matter.

The accounts department will initiate the refund process automatically only in the case where there is an administrative cancellation made by

12- Credit to CCEC or Cpdhouse.Org Account:

Just like store credit, may issue such credit upon request without any deductions.

It costs to process refunds/refund requests. charges $29 as refund processing charges even if 100% of a refund request is approved by 

(These charges can be waived if in-house credit is applied for rather than a refund; a member can use this credit towards any other CCEC. an event containing a similar value within 18 months from the date event is withdrawn/cancelled as per section 1(a).

Member’s ignorance of this policy will not constitute an excuse for a refund

Policies for CPD Events, CAS and Exam Prep Courses. Registration and Refunds.

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