TITLE: Designated International Student Consultant-Advocate (DISA)
CLASS: Academic Professional​

Why join as a Can-College Student Advisor-Advocate?

​The Canadian Government is more focused to allow applicants for entry to Canada in the study visa stream for a successful Immigrant, as the student visa may give the edge to an applicant in getting a work permit after completion of education, in applying for permanent residence and in becoming a Canadian citizen.

So technically, having clients for the study visa or permit could potentially mean more practice and business opportunity for an authorised representative. This is only possible if an applicant’s study visa application is approved and he/she enters Canada for study.

At Can-College we are not just interested in selling a LOA “Letter of Acceptance” for a study visa or permit; our goal is to deliver quality education for a successful career for an international student, which could be directly connected with an opportunity to seek an appropriate immigration status (i.e., work permit) after completion of education, applying for permanent residence and becoming a Canadian citizen.

With over 30 years of experience in Immigration practice, the Can-College administration handling student counseling and advising management team will be focussing on training its DISAs (Designated International Student Consultants-Advocate) in such a way that the licensed advisor will benefit the most. A Can-College DISA will be trained not just to handle a simple study visa or permit application, but to deal with the most complex cases as well, within the same category and issues, which would otherwise hinder client from achieving further goals.

Can-College have allocated a massive $$$budget to advertise on social media and on the web to generate solid leads which will be directed to DISAs for their part of work without any obligation. This will generate huge client leads for DISAs.

Can-College will maintain a network of authorized international student advocates who play an important role in aiding prospective students through their application process, while representing the College programs and procedures in a professional and trustworthy manner at all times. 

The Can-College Network will have two types of DISA programs; one is paid and the other is free.

The paid program will provide all the above training via in-person as well as online courses, along with the following additional benefits, all covered in one yearly subscription fee. We believe that a smart DISA can recover this subscription fee within first 30–60 days.

Benefits of being Can-College DISC:

  1. College agent agreement with certificate
  2. Direct Client Referral from the College plus Website and Social Media Exposure, Campaigns–Advertisement
  3. Brief Personalized Profile page on College Website
  4. Priority Admission Acceptance Letter Processing (via secure DISA Online Portal and Designated College Staff)
  5. Referral Fees on Student Enrollment (5–10% of LOA and Tution Fee)
  6. Authority to collect LOA Fee
  7. Non-Competition (i.e., limited designations per location)
  8. Free Training Sessions (may be eligible for CPD credits)
  9. Free on-demand limited legal support to process visa applications
  10. Allowed to use the college logo on personal profile/website

The Can-College DISC provides specialized student support to international students. Incumbents in this job classification are responsible for providing academic and immigration advising services, career counseling, and new student orientation to meet the needs of the international student population. The DISC problem solves a variety of complex immigration issues requiring considerable knowledge of immigration rules and regulations. Incumbents work independently with decisions impacting students’ educational goals.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES (Includes some or all of the following):

  1. Provides accurate immigration information to international students, monitors and tracks student immigration status, and maintains appropriate files.
  2. Advises students with immigration petitions and applications
  3. Coordinates and plans programs that support the unique needs of study visa for international students including the development and implementation of retention strategies and new student orientation program​
  4. Coordinates and provides academic advising services to international students to include evaluating student academic history, developing academic and career goals, and outlining appropriate classes and resources needed to achieve these goals. Conducts information degree audits, evaluates placement test scores and serves as student advocate in matters related to grievances, grading issues, tuition appeals and special financial arrangements.​
  5. Assists international students with processing applications for work permits, reinstatements, extensions of stay and other immigration related matters.
  6. Serves as student advocate in matters related to grievances, grading issues, tuition appeals and special financial arrangements.


Work is performed in an office environment from own office. Occasional evening or weekend hours required. Incumbents may travel to businesses or college fairs requiring the use of a personal vehicle.

The applicant must be licensed by a Canadian Designated Regulatory Body and citizen, permanent resident. Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree or equaling in social science, business management or marketing for the position. C.C.E.C. may require experience in a management, marketing or leadership role.

Must be fluent in English; A comprehensive knowledge of computer equipment(s) and web applications use. A candidate should have good verbal and written communication skills to convey the business strategy to new candidates. She/he should have strong leadership skills to manage related work load. Should be skilled in the particular policies and procedures of the field. And

  1. Considerable knowledge of current immigration rules and regulations.
  2. Considerable knowledge of Portland Community College programs.
  3. Knowledge of policies and procedures relating to admissions, registration, testing, and placement.
  4. Knowledge of community resources for appropriate referrals.
  5. Skill in evaluating transcripts and graduation petitions.
  6. Skill in delivering classroom and public presentations.
  7. Skill in operating a computer and various supporting software packages.
  8. Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks.
  9. Ability to effectively work with students of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  10. Ability to diffuse and emotional or tense situation and offer viable solutions.
  11. Ability to operate a variety of office equipment.
  12. Ability to effectively communicate in oral and written form.

Start date and duration
January 15, 2020 or as soon as possible; initially, 12 months (including a 30 days probation) period renewable contract.

Relationship, Work Location & Timing

  1. Independent Contract 
  2. Applicant’s current country of residence/citizenship;
  3.  Business days, Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 5 PM Local time. 
  4. This position will not sponsor any Canadian work visa or permit application at this time.

Administration Fees

Upon approval of DISC by the college a one time non-refundable profile and account administration fee of $399 may be applicable. If the candidate is current or former Can-College vocational program student fee can be waived upon request.


Can-College will provide free online training and related resources periodically;

May require further onsite training at C.C.E.C. Head Office, in Ontario, Canada.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted via
online portal; No other method will be accepted.

Following documents will be required with the application form;

  1. Copy of Government Issued ID, indicating address
  2. Copies of related education credentials or 
  3. Resume
  4. Digital Photo (Optional)
  5. Copy of license from the regulatory body

Once submitted, please allow 7 to 15 business days for processing. Only shortlisted applicants with complete information will be contacted via email for next stage.

Information or application submission via email or fax is not available at this time. Resumes received via email will not be considered at all.

Designated Learning Institution DLI # O262228554872

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CCE College will not sponsor any Foreign Worker Visa-Permit, LMIA or Immigration Application for Canada.
Application process is free and selection is made via head office Ontario, Canada HR Department. Candidate selection is purely on merit.

Please read following process for further details

Designated International Student Consultant (DISA)

Application Closing Date January 30, 2020.


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