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General Hiring *Policy & Procedures

*CCE College will not sponsor any Foreign Worker Visa-Permit, LMIA or Immigration Application for Canada. The applicant must be a citizen, permanent resident or have valid work authorization in the current country of residence.

We have not authorized any company or individual in any other country to hire or take job applications on our behalf. The application process is free and selection is made via head office Ontario, Canada HR Department. candidate selection is purely on merit. Please read the following process for further details.

  1. College Instructors Various Programs
  2. CPD Course Educators (various Jurisdictions)
  3. NCA Course Instructors (various Jurisdictions)

The C.C.E. College offers a wide range of interesting and challenging career opportunities. As part of the C.C.E. COLLEGE educators or administrative team, you may join a group of recognized professionals in varied fields of expertise.

C.C.E. COLLEGE has the mentioned opportunities available in given categories. Qualified or eligible candidates may submit their application and resume via the links provided in this page. 

Information or application submission via email or fax is not available at this time. 

C.C.E. COLLEGE is an equal opportunity employer. Applicant must be legally authorized to stay and work in Canada at the time of submitting application. Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be preferred for advertised positions. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email. All hiring decisions are made by a C.C.E. COLLEGE-designated hiring committee(s).

Posting(s) will be removed from this page once position(s) are filled or upon date of closing

Once the position has been posted, candidates will apply via the respective given link available at the job-posting page. Candidates will complete an electronic application for each position (resume and cover letter can also be either typed in or attached to given form). 

Candidates will be considered as “Applicants” or for “Expressions of Interest.” 

Once application submission date is closed or has reached its end, from that date the following standard procedure will apply for all forms received:
1- Review Applicants and Develop Short List

All applicants must be reviewed and considered. Applicants are those who apply during the initial application period or before the closing date as described. Candidates who apply after the initial application period or closing date will be considered for their “expressions of interest” and not viewable by the assessment committee. 

All search committee members will review all Applicants to ensure more than one person assesses their qualifications and that individual opinion or biases are avoided. Each committee member may provide comments to each Applicant’s qualifications as they relate to the minimum requirements of the position. 

Upon the search committee’s review of each Applicant, the chair or chair’s associate will review all search committee comments and develop the short list. Once the short list has been determined, the committee coordinator will contact the hiring committee to inform them of completion of this stage. 

If the short list is deemed to represent a sufficiently diverse applicant pool, the short list will be approved. Once approved, the applicants will then be contacted for interviews. 

If the short list is not sufficiently diverse in light of the department’s placement goals, the hiring committee will contact the search committee chair or chair’s associate to discuss how the pool might be diversified. One option might be to review the existing applicant pool to evaluate any additional qualified applicants prior to reviewing applicants who have “expressions of interest” status. If it is determined that these candidates are to be reviewed, the search committee chair or chair’s associate may move those in the expression of interest status to the applicant pool, in one or more batches on certain date(s) and time(s), as needed to achieve a sufficiently diverse and qualified pool. All expressions of interest candidates moved to the applicant pool are to be reviewed by the search committee. 

2- Conduct Interview    

The interview is the single most important step in the selection process. It is the opportunity for the employer and prospective candidate to learn more about each other and validate information provided by both.

Candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted via email only, for their availability and possible interview dates. 

Virtual Interviews

To reduce travel costs and time associated with interviewing out-of-area applicants, virtual interviews can provide an alternative method to the in-person interview. Guidelines for conducting virtual interviews are as follows: 

To ensure fairness and equity in the interview process, it is recommended out-of-area applicants be provided an opportunity to interview in the same manner as local applicants during each stage of the interview process. 

First Round Interviews

o All applicants are provided the opportunity to interview in an equal environment at this first, initial stage interview, which may be conducted via telephone or web meeting. 

Second/Final Interviews

o All applicants at this stage of interview are provided the opportunity to interview in an equal environment. Applicants selected from the first stage will be contacted and interviewed again for final discussion and arrangement before a formal job offer letter and related agreements.  

3- After the Interview

Upon completing the interview, committee members will complete the all-committee-member’s Interview Rating Sheet which is forwarded to the hiring committee chair at the end of the interviews. Candidate evaluations should be sure to include only those comments which are relevant to the requirements of the position. 

4- Pre-employment tests. 

Depending on the position and employers' resources and skill requirements, applicants might be required to take or undergo a variety of tests, ranging from written exams that test their skill, knowledge, or reasoning ability to physical exams that measure their fitness or physical ability to perform the job's requirements. For more information, see Physical and Medical Examinations.   

5- Reference Checks

Reference checks will be conducted on the final applicant prior to making an offer. 

6- Initiating the Offer

After a final check of the selection process has been made and the final applicant has been determined, the committee chair or designee will notify the departmental HR coordinator with the finalist’s name.

The departmental HR coordinator or designee makes the offer to the finalist. 

7- Finalizing the Offer

The departmental HR coordinator ensures all recruitment-related documents are uploaded to the administrative database system.

Upon notification of the recruitment being closed, the departmental HR coordinator will close out the requisition. 

8- Notification of Unsuccessful Candidates. 

Once the best qualified candidate for the position has accepted an employment offer, the HR department is responsible for notifying unsuccessful candidates that they are no longer being considered for the position because it has been filled.

Information or application submission via email or fax is not available at this time. Resumes received via email will not be considered at all.

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Immigration Consultants Job Scope and responsibilities;

The Can-College intends to provide specialized student support to international students. Incumbents in this job classification are responsible for providing academic and immigration advising services, career counselling, and new student orientation to meet the needs of the international student population. They will solve a variety of complex immigration issues requiring considerable knowledge of immigration rules and regulations. Incumbents work independently with decisions impacting students’ educational goals.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES (Includes some or all of the following):

  1. Provides accurate immigration information to international students, monitors and tracks student immigration status, and maintains appropriate files.
  2. Advises students with immigration petitions and applications.
  3. Coordinates and plans programs that support the unique needs of study visas for international students including the development and implementation of retention strategies and new student orientation programs.​
  4. Coordinates and provides academic advising services to international students to include evaluating student academic history, developing academic and career goals, and outlining appropriate classes and resources needed to achieve these goals. Conducts information degree audits, evaluates placement test scores and serves as a student advocate in matters related to grievances, grading issues, tuition appeals and special financial arrangements.​
  5. Assists international students with processing applications for work permits, reinstatements, extensions of stay and other immigration-related matters.
  6. Serves as a student advocate in matters related to grievances, grading issues, tuition appeals and special financial arrangements.


Mostly provide services and related work is performed in their own office or from College Campus (Vaughan, Ontario).

Must be a Canadian citizens or permanent residents and licensed by a Canadian designated regulatory body. They have been trained to protect the interest of the student/applicant.  

Please visit Job Bank Canada web site for detailed job description and requirements

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