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CCE College will not sponsor any Foreign Worker Visa-Permit, LMIA or Immigration Application for Canada.
The applicant must be a citizen, permanent resident or have valid work authorization in the current country of residence.
We have not authorized any company or individual in any other country to hire or take job applications on our behalf.
Application process is free and selection is made via head office Ontario, Canada HR Department. candidate selection is purely on merit. Please read following process for further details

Business Services Managers:

Oversee and/or assist with the overall management of a unit that supports business functions of the College The manager is also responsible for planning and maintaining work systems, procedures, and policies that enable and encourage the optimum performance of its people and other resources within a business unit.


Male or female age between 23-40; Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree or equaling in business management or marketing for the position. C.C.E.C. may require experience in a management, marketing or leadership position for the franchise manager role. C.C.E.C. may also require experience in the specific business for a management position.


Must be fluent in English; A comprehensive knowledge of computer equipment(s) and web applications use. A candidate should have good verbal and written communication skills to convey the business strategy to new franchisees. She/he should have strong leadership skills to manage franchise owners. The manager should be skilled in the particular policies and procedures of the franchise field, such as post-secondary and vocational educational programs or institution(s) franchise.


Depends upon experience and ability to deliver; Amount may be an agreed fixed monthly management fee or commission or both for this position. Estimated range may include CA $5000-30000+ per year package* and epends depends upon relevant experience, location and type of position.

Start date and duration

TBD or as soon as possible; initially, 12 months (including a 60 days probation) period renewable contract including 30 days probation period.

Work Location & Timing

Applicant’s current country of residence/citizenship (Outside Canada) Asia (All Regions),UAE, East Europe, South America, South Africa);

Business days, Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 5 PM Local time. 

This position will not sponsor any Canadian work visa or permit application at this time.


Employer will provide online training and related resources;

May require further onsite training at C.C.E.C. Head Office, in Ontario, Canada.

How to apply

Applicants must be submitted via following online form; No other method will be accepted.

Following documents will be required with the application form;

  1. Copy of Government Issued ID
  2. Copies of related education credentials or 
  3. Resume
  4. Most Digital Photo (Optional)

Once submitted, please allow 15 to 30 days for processing. Only shortlisted applicants with complete information will be contacted via email for next stage.

Information or application submission via email or fax is not available at this time. Resumes received via email will not be considered at all.

*Wage/salary is an estimated range and depends upon relevant experience, location and type of position.

Business Service Manager 

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