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PROCEDURE TITLE:            Missed Final Examinations/Exam Review
RESPONSIBILITY:                Administrator or Dean, Academic

APPROVED BY:                    CCEC Academic Committee
EFFECTIVE DATE:               May 2016
REVISED:                             December 2018
REVIEW DATE:                    December 2018


This procedure supports the Missed Final or Review of Examination Policy, which provides a mechanism for promoting college-wide consistency in the administration and facilitation of such circumstances. 


Aegrotat (AEG) or a ‘compassionate pass’ permits students to continue in their programs without completing all of the evaluation requirements, due to circumstances related to health and wellness. 

Exam period refers to the three days period following the conclusion of the subject/semester. 

Final examination refers to any form of discretely designed evaluation that is conducted during the three days following the conclusion of the subject/semester.

Exam Question Review: In cases/situations where a student(s) have failed the exam or have concerns about the validity of their answers and wish to challenge the exam sheet or question or request to examine the questions, such request must be made via the designated form available on the LMS system "Student Meeting Request Form ". (Ref. Sec. 13-14 of procedures)

Missed or review examination fee: CA$ 75  (
How to pay the fee)


  1. As soon as the examination schedule is posted and the student becomes aware of the problem/conflict or within two (2) business days of missing the examination(s), he or she must notify their Admin office via email and make arrangements to meet with the student advisor or designate for advising regarding the missed examination policy.
  2. Student meets with student advisor or designates for advising. Advising is extremely important to ensure students make the right decision/choice (AEGROTAT or missed examination) and understands that this is a once-only in a 12 months period opportunity.
  3.  During the interview, the student advisor or designate:
  4. Checks the Veteran Information screen in Banner to ensure the student has not utilized the missed exam privilege before within a 12 months period.
  5. Confirms the course is eligible for this policy/procedure.
  6. Student advisor or designate assists student in completing the Application for Missed Examination form, ensures accuracy, notes the due date for the student to make payment to the Office of the Registrar and identifies special software/lab requirements or laptop usage prior to signing the form.
  7. Note: Exams that require special software/lab requirements or are laptop exams may require a directive from the dean/associate dean.
  8. Student makes a request to the Office of Enrollment Services -Vaughan campus and pays the Missed Examination fee within two (2) business days of the missed exam date (as noted on the application form). The application will not be processed until payment has been received. Payments will not be refunded. If a student is writing a missed exam due to an issue identified by the Ontario Human Rights Code, the fee will be waived. Waiving of the fee is at the discretion of the dean or designate.
  9.  The Test Centre/administering authority/administering authority must receive an approval or copy of the Application for Missed Examination form from the college or designate’s signature.
  10. The Test Centre/administering authority prepares the faculty contract and notifies the faculty member(s) and Admin of the need to create a new exam and, if required, confirms special requirements with faculty.
  11.  The student is responsible for confirming her or his exam sitting time and date with the Test Centre/administering authority. The exam date will occur within one week of the current term for exams. The exam date and time may be scheduled at night or on weekends. The student will not be able to reschedule this date under any circumstance.
  12. The student completes the rescheduled exam, and the Test Centre/administering authority gives the exam, Marks and contract to faculty for signing.
  13. In a case where the student wishes to examine the exam questions or review his/her answer sheet after completing the exam, the student must make a request via designated from available on the LMS main program page and pay the required fee for such consideration;
  14. If such reexamination request is approved, college staff will contact a student to make an appointment for such review;
  15.  The Office of Enrollment Services enters the missed exam information on the Veteran Information data, posts the student’s final grade on the system and, if necessary, informs the student and student advisor if the student is not eligible to be registered into prerequisite courses.
  16. The faculty member receives payment as required by the Test Centre/administering authority.

Roles and responsibilities

  1. It is the responsibility of the Administrator, Academic to ensure that the Missed Final Examinations Procedure is fully implemented.
  2.  It is the responsibility of students to contact their student advisor or delegate as soon as the student becomes aware of the program/conflict or within two (2) business days of missing the examination(s).
  3. It is the responsibility of the student advisor or delegate to advise the student regarding the procedure and to ensure that the student is eligible.
  4. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the necessary requirements and pay the required fee. The student must confirm the time and date to write the missed exam with the Test Centre/administering authority.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Test Centre/administering authority to facilitate the creation of a new examination and then facilitate the grading after completion.
  6. It is the responsibility of Admin Enrollment Services to change the grade, as appropriate.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) considerations

 AODA standards have been considered in the development of this policy and it adheres to the principles outlined in the AODA standards and the college’s commitment to accessibility as demonstrated by the Accessibility Plan. 

Missed Final Examination Policy