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What is covered in the courses.

Besides covering main substantive areas related to subject course, in this class educators will cover ideas and ways in which the nuts and bolts of legal academic writing work in an analytical way. They will use a step-by-step approach that will help students understand the legal aspect of the subject of law via comprehensive live courses, and show the value of writing in the exam without the pressure of simply being told to put a pen to paper!

In short prep courses/exam review programs, educators will cover the following areas:

  • Main substantive part of the subject course as per current NCA syllabus and directions
  • Detailed discussion related case laws and references
  • Examples and scenarios for student's clear understanding and knowledge for the related course
  • Understanding NCA exam questions and how to answer the same for better results
  • Discuss and provide answers to sample NCA exams and questions.
  • Best exam writing and time management tips, and understanding basic methodology in terms of how to answer essay, fact pattern or I.R.A.C. based question(s)
  • Understanding NCA exam rules and being prepared for the actual exam days 

​Duration 3-8-hour exam review program: Purely focusing on understanding and answering questions, understanding exam writing, formatting and time management methodology. This program will also cover sample exams provided by NCA for student guidance. Complete syllabus is not covered. Notes are also optional and depends upon educator's decision. 

Students are advised to follow the NCA guide and study/reading instructions to prepare themselves before C.C.E.C. exam writing prep class, as they will have opportunity to comment, ask questions and receive feedback from educators during live and video format classes regarding areas which they don't understand or are clear about. 



The Hon. Justice Rick Libman
(Ontario Court of Justice, Chair of the Courts Rule Committee)
B.A, LL.B, LL.M, PhD.

Mr. Nathan Tischler
BSC. (Hon.) Psychology, JD., Barrister & Solicitor (Ontario, Canada)​

"The NCA assesses the legal education credentials of individuals trained outside of Canada, or in a civil law degree program in Canada who intend to apply for admission to a law society in a Canadian common law jurisdiction.​The NCA assesses the legal credentials of people who have immigrated to Canada, or are considering immigrating. The NCA also assesses the credentials of Canadians who have obtained their legal training in another country and the credentials of Canadian civil law graduates who wish to apply for a licence to practise law in a Canadian common law jurisdiction"  (flsc.ca)

 Following is the list of active-available NCA Exam Prep Courses.

  1. Canadian Criminal Law
  2. Canadian Constitutional Law

Free Program Retakes/Repeats

In the unlikely event that a student in any program fails the NCA or licensing exam they have prepared for, the student will be allowed to retake the same course at no extra cost in recorded video format on one time free retake basis within one year from the first attempt. This policy/rule will apply only if student has registered for a live web interactive class, in person class or purchased an archived/recorded class session in any given 12 months period from the date of original course registration. Click here to submit repeat request

C.C.E.C. is dedicated to prepare and help internationally trained lawyers and law students understand the licensing and NCA accreditation process in Canada. C.C.E.C. offers various training and preparation-based professional and educational development legal courses, via a designated professional team consisting of lawyers and senior educators with years of experience. C.C.E.C. professional exam-prep courses provide students with the training they need to successfully pass their NCA and/or Bar exams. Whether you are from Australia, Asia, Europe, the United States, or any other civil or common law jurisdiction, our effort is to assist students in making the transition as smooth as possible. Courses fee starts from $125 per subject;

NCA Exam Prep For International Lawyers and Graduates


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