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Refer a student to Can-College

alumni, students and applicant students at the Canadian Career Education College (Can-College) play an important role in Can-College’s efforts to find outstanding talent for its Vocational programs. If you know of someone with great potential who might benefit from one of our Vocational Study (Diploma) programs, then please let them know!

Not only are you strengthening the Can-College network, you will be eligible for a *cash referral *fee of *C$50-400 but also providing the new candidate with:

  • A $250-400 Tuition fee waiver or cash referral 
  • A $30-50 LOA referral fee cash 9to be transferred to a Canadian Account or credit voucher which can be used towards any future LOA fee adjustment.
  • Expedited application review by an Admissions Administrator
  • Your words of support for the candidate, which we hold to the highest of standards

If you have anyone in mind, please have them apply for one of any diploma programs available on this link and ask them to Type your name in the admission application for the refereeing person’s name section, and we will apply the applicant towards your referral credit account

Terms and conditions:
(Effective September 5, 2021)

  1. *The referral fee option is discretionary, subject to change without notice and offered only to all alumni, students, applicant students and some agencies meeting the Canadian Career Education College (Can-College) criteria mentioned in definitions on this page, regardless if they are in Canada or outside Canada or members of any licensing body or not. No agreement is required with the college.
  2. The referral fee programs only apply to admission applications received by a new student after September 5, 2021
  3. If your referred person has already been referred by another person or a counsel, then you will not be eligible for this referral fee program. Make sure to ask your friend if he/she has been referred by someone else.
  4. If the applicant/student has already submitted an application for admission without your name in the application form, your name cannot be added later.
  5. If the student has already applied for admission in the past during any time prior to September 5, 2021, you cannot be a referring person for that applicant/student. (The college keeps a record of all previous application profiles).
  6. Third-party agencies or individuals may also apply for a referral fee subject to the terms mentioned in the definition.
  7. The earned referral fee cannot be applied towards LOA or any other admission-related test fees.


  • Alumni - a graduate or former student
  • Student - Currently enrolled in an active program
  • Applicant Student - An individual who has received a letter of acceptance from the Can-College within the last 12 months.
  • Third-Party Agency - A person or business who is assisting the applicant in the admission application process and not providing or assisting the candidate in any Canadian Immigration Law-related affair-activity for a fee. (It is against Canadian law to charge any fee from any person on any Immigration matter without a license.)  

A referral fee claim must be submitted via this online form.

*Referral fee payout policy & process

  • The referral fee will be from the proceeds of the student tuition or LOA fees to the college. For example, if the total LOA fee is $399 referral fee will be Can$30 and if the LOA fee is $500 referral fee will be and be paid 90 days after completing the LOA process,
  • The tuition fee referral is based on the flat-fee referral of C$400. For Example (If the Tuition fee is over $6000) $200 will be paid, 30 days after the start of the program and the remaining 30 days from the date of graduation and 
  • Your friend the student will automatically be credited $250-400 from his tuition fee as a tuition fee waiver, and that will be reflected on the enrollment contract once the final enrollment is initiated. *The final referral amount determination will depend upon the program selection and its related fee. And the admission manager will decide the final amount at the time of admission assessment and if approved, the fee amount will reflect in the offer or enrolment contract. 
  • How to claim the referral fee?  If you are an alumnus, student and applicant student and have referred a student who has successfully enrolled in one of our programs, please use this link and submit your referral fee claim. (Referral fees are paid within 7 to 10 business days from the date claim form is received,  via Interact or bank wire transfer.  Referral Fee Claim Form

For referral fee account-related inquiries, please contact us 
via email 


Canadian Career Education College is a proud institution of Government brand "EduCanada" CMEC.


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