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​An “Unacceptable behavior and demand” incident if caused by you or on your behalf and reported/documented. The following definitions and policies will apply.

We understand that people may act out of character in times of distress or frustration. However, if that frustration becomes aggression or abuse towards our staff, we won’t accept that.

Our staff have the right to undertake their work free from aggression or abuse and we expect them to be treated with courtesy and respect. Aggressive or abusive behavior may include:

  • threats of physical harm or actual physical harm
  • behavior or language (verbal or written) that may cause staff to feel offended, afraid, threatened, or abused
  • insulting or degrading language
  • personal grudges toward certain staff
  • making serious allegations against staff without any evidence

A demand may be unreasonable if handling it could take up an excessive amount of staff time. As a private organization, with limited resources to respond, this could stop other complaints from being handled in time.

We may decide a demand is unreasonable if, for example, you:

  • demand responses within an unreasonable timescale
  • insist on seeing or speaking to someone more senior or a particular member of staff when that is not possible
  • keep changing what your complaint is about
  • keep raising new or unrelated concerns

We may also decide that comments aimed not at us but at third parties are unacceptable because of the effect that listening to or reading them may have on our staff.

Our staff are expected to treat individuals with courtesy, respect, and fairness. Similarly, we expect our staff to be treated in the same way. We have a duty to protect the welfare and safety of staff. Where individuals behave unacceptably or unreasonably, we will refer these incidents and matter to the legal team for necessary action or a legal remedy.

You will be asked not to call or contact our staff via phone or in person from this point on.

For all accounts and fee-related affairs please use this link 

Our standard response time for emails is 24-48 business hours for general response-related affairs.

Please note that sending multiple emails to unrelated email accounts or teams will result in a delay in response or your message being deleted.

Unacceptable behavior and demand Policy

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