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Alternate Admission Requirements (Education)

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The Following are General Guidelines for Alternate Education-Related Admission Requirements for International Students

Admission requirements are requirements or qualifications that students must meet in order for them to demonstrate the potential to successfully complete a program at C.C.E.C. (e.g., high school diploma, proficiency in English). 

Each C.C.E.C. program/course is different and has its own subjective criteria based on the nature of the course. Students are encouraged to carefully read course admission criteria-related details before applying. The applicant is advised to carefully read the following details.

In general at C.C.E.C.: Students enrolled in a C.C.E.C. program are required to meet or exceed the admission requirements set out as per below before they begin a program.

For Canada & US-based education applicants:

A secondary school diploma or equivalent is required, or in some cases, a high school diploma with five Grade 12 academic subjects is required. If applicable, the applicant must also meet program-specific requirements, since some programs have supplementary procedures for admission.

  1. A secondary school graduation diploma from another Canadian province or territory, or from the United States
  2. A Canadian or U.S. post-secondary diploma or degree
  3. A General Education Development (GED) certificate issued by a Canadian province or territory, or from the United States

A student does not require an assessment for a Canadian or US degree, diploma, or certificate.

For Outside of Canada (international) based education applicants:

​Students with no educational experience/degree from Canada or the United States would be required to have met one of the following requirements on or before the start date of the program of which they are offered admission:

  1. ​​Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) 
  2. Mature Student Status or Mature Student Assessment (MSS/MSA)

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

You don’t need an assessment for a Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate.

An educational credential assessment (ECA) is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Canadian one. There are different types of ECAs. For the college's admission purpose, if one of your primary educational credentials is from an institution outside Canada or the USA, you will need to get an ECA from a Canadian Government-Approved Assessment Agency. The purpose will be the assessment for college admission. If you have already received an assessment report for any other purpose, we may consider that as well. You must attach it with your admission application. If you had not submitted a report previously, you may send a copy
via email before the start date of the program.

Your ECA report may help when you’re looking for a job after graduation. 

Mature Student Status or Mature Student Assessment (MSS/MSA)

Mature Students

If you are 18 years of age or older before the beginning of classes and you do not have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or its equivalent, you may apply as a mature student. Students who do not meet the admission requirements from their academic transcripts/degrees ECA assessment, or cannot arrange ECA may also complete a mature student assessment to determine their readiness for college studies.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Education. All mature student applications are considered individually and an assessment to determine readiness for college studies may be required.

​Mature student status may be granted to applicants who are over 18 years old and do not have a high school diploma or GED. It is intended to allow applicants who have not completed high school the opportunity to be considered for admission, based on the skills and experience they have acquired since leaving school.

If a prospective student does not have a 12-grade education certificate which is equivalent to a Canadian Secondary School Certificate due to any reason, the college will still consider the admission in its programs if the student passes a qualifying test that has been approved by the Superintendent (The Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities Ontario).

You can study at the college as a mature student even if you do not have traditional qualifications, or if such qualifications cannot be assessed or verified by any other means.

The MSA test is administered by an independent third party “Can-Am Data Management”. You can purchase this test from the third party or have the college register that for you. The test itself is conducted by “Wonderlic” testing system. All related fees, if collected for this test, are separate from the college admission application processing fee or LOA fees. Students may provide the results of this test before the start of the program or if the test is required at the time of admission approval stage.
Alternatively, the students may arrange an ECA report and provide a valid copy for assessment.

Please note that both options are delivered and assessed by independent third parties, and students will be paying associated fees directly to the service providers. The college can also facilitate the MSA test process via its LMS system.

Q-Can you go to college/university without any qualifications?
Yes, having a report as a Mature Student Status is one of the ways.

Q- When to get an ECA or Mature Student Status assessment?
The college requires one of the above reports on or before the start date of your program. It is recommended to arrange these after your admission has been accepted or offered or as soon as you can.

Q-Do I need to have both requirements met before applying for a student visa?
No, these are admission-related requirements and are governed under a provincial regulation* related to education, as mentioned below. The immigration ECA has a different purpose and criteria.

The student visa process is governed under a Federal Statute/Legislation “Immigration Refugee Protection Act” and has a different type of ECA required for Immigration purposes.

​*Legislative Reference.
“Students enrolled in an approved vocational program at a PCC are required to meet or exceed the admission requirements set out in s. 19 of Regulation 415/06, as well as any other admission requirements identified by the PCC.

Students have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or
Students are 18 years of age or older and pass a qualifying test that has been approved by the Superintendent.”

Note: Meeting the minimum admission requirements and deadline dates is not a guarantee of admission in some courses. Only the most qualified candidates will be considered.

For any further questions on admission requirements please email