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Pre-arrival guide

Accommodation and Health Insurance
This information is not mandatory or required prior to enter Canada or for study visa application. Once your visa is approved and you are ready to arrive in Canada, you may need to contact our designated service provider, or your own representative, for more information on health insurance for international students. Can-College does not have any of its own accommodation facility or direct affiliation with any insurance provider in Canada or globally. The student is to arrange for accommodations and/or insurance if they wish to do so.

Health Insurance
Understanding Canadian Immigrating laws and types of visas
Safety 101
After Study Visa-permit Approval Policy and Procedures

To avoid line ups and delays when you arrive at Can-College, please use this link and apply the instructions associated to your category.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact the
Can-College International team.

Information for international students

Can-College provides letters for international students in support of their varying administrative needs and immigration responsibilities.

Before you arrive in Canada
There are many things to consider before you begin your studies in Canada. This pre-arrival checklist will help you get ready.

Money Matters for International Students

Pre-Arrival Checklist

What Documents You Will Need  IRCC Requirements 

  1. Original Passport having the Canadian study visa stamped and valid dates.
  2. Copy of updated and most recent Valid Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and Enrolment Contract Indicating the program start and valid date. Please do not use the older contract which you may have used to apply for the visa. (if you have not received the updated enrolment contract yet, please send email and we will resend that to you.)
  3. Proof of funds to support your stay in Canada.
  4. Copy of email send to you by the college after your visa was approved, this letter will have details about the staff and your program for the CBSA if needed at the port of entry. (if you have not received this letter yet, please send email and we will resend that to you.)
  5. Bring a copy of your health records, with information on allergies and immunizations, especially in the case of previous medical concerns or an existing medical condition.
  6. Copy of COVID-19 Test Report (If applicable).
  7. Proof of vaccination - Report if applicableMake copies of important documents like passports, visas, etc. and keep them separate in your personal belongings, just in case you need them.

Keep your documents with you

Carry these items and all other valuable papers, cash and traveler's cheques with you at all times. Do not put them in your checked luggage. You may not be allowed into Canada if any of your documents are missing or if any of the information on your application or letters of reference is incorrect. 

Pre-Arrival Useful Resources
What items should I pack?

  1. Check with Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) about what items are restricted through Customs.
  2. Pack some clothing and valuables in your carry-on luggage in case your luggage is lost in transit.
  3. Prescription medication
  4. Things that remind you of home
  5. Power adapters; you can purchase these in Canada as well.