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Upon confirmation of your Study Visa-Permit Approval the College, we will be looking forward to seeing you here in Canada around the start date of the program.

In general, and as per the College policy, we issue the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) only once for an intended study Visa Application Process. The first original LOA is based on enrollment seats for that period at a time. Due to COVID-19 related delays in processing visa applications, and on a case-to-case basis, we were extending the LOA date without any additional LOA fee to another tentative date, so that the student is not facing a voided LOA during the study visa process, if applicable.

Enrollment seats are only confirmed in one of the following ways:

A - International students (outside Canada):
If the visa is approved, the tuition fee is paid as per the original enrollment contract. All documentation concerning travel restrictions at time, if any have been completed, will be assessed. At that point, the College will reissue a new LOA, enrolment contract, and a letter of confirmation of the seat, which can be used at the port of entry when entering Canada.

B - International students (inside Canada):
If the student has a valid study permit or is authorized to study without a study permit, the tuition fee is paid as per the original enrollment contract. At that point, the College will issue an LOA, enrolment contract and a letter of confirmation of seat.

C - Domestic Students:
No study permit or authorization is required. Once admission is approved and the LOA fee is paid, the student can pay the tuition fee as per the terms of the enrollment contract to receive a confirmation letter and start the program accordingly.

You may fall in the one of the above categories A or B. If the visa or permit is approved, you are required to report to the College to confirm the seat for admission and program delivery for the next available academic session.

As per the College's policy, a confirmed seat is only allocated when the terms and conditions of the enrollment contract have been met.

To successfully enroll in our College for our next available session, we would require your first tuition payment to be made as soon as possible, or seven days before your planned date of arrival in Canada. After the receipt of this payment, we can issue you an updated Enrollment Contract and LOA for the related available session along having a firm starting date, subject to any other COVID-19 related restrictions if applicable at that time.

Please note that your current LOA, or any other document issued to you in the past, may no longer be valid and may not be verified by the College unless reissued as explained above.

Feel free to contact an enrollment manager
via email directly for any clarification or questions on this matter.

Once you have reported the college staff about your study visa or permit approval, you will have access to the following details specific to your pre-post arrival requirements:

Part A - Travel restrictions in Canada
Part B - What Documents You Will Need
Part C - Port of Entry Examination
Part D - Disclose your funds
Part E - How long you can stay in Canada
Part F - Working in Canada as a student
Part G - Health insurance
Part H - Off-campus housing
Part I - Meet our friendly staff

Student COVID-19 Plan (Mandatory)

Self-Isolation Host Attestation Form


Post Study Visa - Permit Policy & Procedures

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