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If you have received a decision from Can-College confirming your admission approval, Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you at Can-College!

General Q & A after receiving an Offer of Admission and before Confirming Acceptance

Q - 1). What is the additional International student fee charge that is added to the tuition? Are the LOA and the tuition fees paid in USD or CAD dollars?

A- The Tuition fee mentioned on our website is a base fee for the program and used for Domestic students. International students are subject to an additional fee also known as the International student fee because the admission process is more involved.  This fee is outlined on each program and every college/institution has a different fee structure. When you receive an enrollment contract, the price breakdown will be further detailed for your review and consideration.

Please note that the Tuition fee or International Student Fee is not inclusive of the LOA fee.

All fees are made in Canadian Currency (CAD), i.e. Canadian Dollars

Q - 2).  What are the payment plans options?  When is the payment for each month due?

A- Payment plan options will be sent to each student individually however here is a general guideline:

  • Pay your tuition in full before the start of a program and receive a discount
  • Pay your tuition in equal monthly installments ( for example, if you are paying a $10,000 tuition in 12 months you would be paying $833.33 a month)

 Your first tuition fee will be due approximately one week prior to the start of your program. This information will be outlined in your Enrollment Contract.

Q- 3). Does Can-College offer scholarships to international students? When should you apply and what requirements will I need for the application?

A- The scholarship policy for both domestic and international students is provided on the website. According to Can-College procedures, we will review scholarship information once the student has accepted the offer and paid the required LOA fee. A decision will be made at that time and further options can be discussed with the college staff prior to entering into a contract and the issuance of an official LOA.

Q - 4). Why does Can-College not offer PGWP eligible programs? Can a student apply for a job after their studies? Can a student work during their studies?

A -This question involves the Immigration Law and can be explained in detail during a one-hour free consultation with a designated authorized representative. Once the student has accepted the offer and moved onto the next step of LOA (LOA fee is paid), this option becomes available instantly.

In general: You don’t always need a work permit to get a job while you are in college. It also depends on where you work and some other factors.

Eligibility to work on/off-campus:

Full-time international students enrolled in a post-secondary program at a Designated Learning Institution may work on or off-campus without a work permit if they meet all of the following conditions:

  • Possess a valid study permit;
  • Have already started to study in their program;
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN);
  • Have conditions on their study permit that confirms on and off-campus work eligibility;
  • Are enrolled in a program that is more than six months in duration and leads to a degree or diploma.​

Q - 5). Does Can-College have any provision of accommodation and housing for international students?

A- Can-College does not have a hostel or accommodation facility at this time; however, we do have a professional service available for those who require assistance on a case to case basis. This service is available via licensed real estate agents and they are not allowed to collect any fee from a student.

We encourage students to explore
this link for more option.

Q- 6). Can I pay my tuition fee after arrival?

A- Yes. Your first tuition payment will be required approximately one week prior to the start of your program. 

Q- 7). What is the method for visa application after LOA?

Q- 8). What is the required document list for a visa at the embassy? 

A- These questions require some specific opinion on Immigration Laws. More information will be available to you after you have accepted an offer and in the LOA issuance process.  You will be provided with a link to schedule a 100% free and no-obligation web or telephone meeting with a legal professional who can discuss the visa process.

Q- 9). How many funds are required, bank statement, health insurance etc?

A - Here is a useful link to our website that addresses all the questions you have mentioned here.

Q- 10). Can I apply for a study loan before I arrive?

A- You can search for a loan in your home country. Canadian loans are not typically available for international students coming to Canada to study.

Q- 11) Can I change the program or the delivery format after receiving the admission offer?

A- Yes. If an applicant meets admission criteria and has received an offer for admission, at that stage he/she may change the program before the issuance of an official and final LOA (Letter of Acceptance). There is no additional fee or charge for this change. Just discuss with your student account manager at the college, whose contact details are on the offer letter, and they will manage your request.

Please note: that it may take 15-30 days to process your admission application from the date and time it is received by the Can-College admission offer. Can-College will relay its decision to all applicants via email. Make sure to check your email account inbox and spam folder on a regular basis.

Note:Your seat in your program is not saved until all conditions have been met, tuition fees have been paid in full and proof of Study Permit approval has been received by Can-College. Be sure to send us proof of Study Permit acceptance as soon as you receive it, otherwise, you may lose your seat.​

Letter of Acceptance Q and A


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