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Enrollment Contract & LOA (Letter of Acceptance) Policy:

If you have received a decision from Can-College confirming your admission approval, Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you at Can-College!

Enrollment and Confirming Acceptance

When you receive your enrollment contract the Letter of Acceptance is prepared/issued at the same time and normally sent to you by email. This is the time when you have paid the LOA fee and confirmed your admission per terms in offer and enrollment contract. Can-College Admission Process and LOA fee is a Non-Refundable fee. The Can-College Letter of Acceptance and Admission Registration fee range is between CAD 99-CAD 500 for processing your Admission & Letter of Acceptance. Please note that this fee is also non-refundable if a visa is rejected, however, it is considered towards tuition fee upon receipt of visa and if the student starts the program with the Can-College.

What to do next:

All tuition payments can be made, in CANADIAN dollars, by Visa, MasterCard, money order, certified cheque, wire transfer or Western Union. All payment details can be found in the Letter of Acceptance or, please
refer to our Payment page.

If you were accepted with conditions:

If your Letter of Acceptance indicated there are conditions to your admission, you should work to meet these conditions as soon as possible. Your seat in your program is not secured until we have received verification that all conditions have been met.

Your Letter of Acceptance may contain one of 3 situations:

Accepted: If your letter indicates you have been accepted into your program, the next step is for you to confirm your intention to come to Can-College by sending your confirmation fee payment. Full instructions are in your Letter of Acceptance.

Accepted with Conditions:  If your acceptance letter indicates you are accepted with conditions, it will include a list of one or more conditions that you must meet to earn a seat in your program.

A condition may be as simple as providing additional academic documentation, or it might be something like needing to upgrade English or math skills. Your Letter of Acceptance will have all the information.

LOA Deferral: due to delay in Visa-Permit Process:  If for any reason, you wish to change the date or defer your admission to a different session that is possible subject to availability of seats at that time. Unfortunately in this situation, we may not be able to offer you a seat in the program you have chosen. You can speak to one of the Can-College Service Manager about other program options if required.

However, under certain exceptional circumstances, the admission administrator may consider a one-time deferral or extension at no cost to an applicant. Any further request will be subject to the availability of seats and @CAD 75 per incident. All requests must be made to the designated admission admin via email.

Note:Your seat in your program is not saved until all conditions have been met, tuition fees have been paid in full and proof of Study Permit approval has been received by Can-College. Be sure to send us proof of Study Permit acceptance as soon as you receive it, otherwise, you may lose your seat.​

Understanding your Admission Contract & Letter of Acceptance & Policies

Admission Offer: 

The LOA and enrollment Contract process begins with a prospect applying for admission, then receiving an offer for admission in the study program. Admission offer is not an LOA or a Contract. If admission is approved, the applicant will have 30 days to review and accept the offer and to fulfill condition(s) within, if any.

General Policy on Offer Expiration:

  • If your admission offer has expired, for example, on April 30, and you have not filled the conditions or paid related LOA fee by then, it is considered expired and void.
  • Any request to change or extend the date is supposed to be considered and applied five business days before the expiry date, not on or after the expiry date. Still, the decision to approve the request or reject is discretionary and depends upon the availability of seats at that time.
  • At the current time, the admission office is not considering any request to defer or extend an offer on or after the expiry date.

Available Options After Offer Expiry:
Once the offer is expired, an applicant may apply again from scratch, and the admission officer will make a new decision, keeping in view available seats and re-assessment at that time.

Applying for your Study Permit

To study in Canada, international students must have a Study Permit (sometimes called a study visa) issued by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada. In some cases, a Temporary Resident Visa is required in addition to the Study Permit. Please see the 
website page to determine if you require a Temporary Resident Visa.

The permit approval process takes time and is longer for students from some countries. To begin the Study Permit application process, you must have already received a Letter of Acceptance from Can-College.

If your Study Permit Application is denied

If you have been informed by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada that your application for a Study Permit has been denied, you have two options:

1) If you think you might be approved for a Study Permit in the future, you can defer your admission to an upcoming intake. If you would like to defer your admission, please take the following steps

  1. Contact the Student Services Office via email and request a deferral
  2. Request a new Letter of Acceptance
  3. Include your preferred intake/start date (January, May or September)

 2) If your Study Permit has been denied again, you can request a refund. Please refer to our
Refund Policy page for more information. The refund is processed within 15 business days. 

Canadian Career Education College

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If Visa-Permit Approved Next Step Program Registration

When you receive your Study Permit and have paid all tuition fees for your program, you will be able to register for your courses.

To avoid line ups and delays when you arrive at Can-College, you can register from home using the
online registration system at Can-College.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact the
Can-College International team or drop in to

Coming to Canada

When you arrive on campus and we will help you get registered.

Most international students coming to study at Can-College will arrive at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport (YYZ). Pearson International Airport is about a 35 minutes’ drive from Can-College, Vaughan Campus.

 As soon as your Study Permit application has been approved, you should begin planning your travel to Canada. In addition to your flights, you should also consider your transportation to and from airports and accommodations Around Vaughan City which is just 30 minutes from Toronto downtown and very close to subway station and other public transportation is within the walking distance.

It is also a good time to check your passport. Please ensure your passport is valid AT LEAST through the end of your first semester.

Airport Welcome

You can find our volunteers at Pearson Airport from August – September every year. Look for the White t-shirts and have logos for Can-College. Our volunteers will help you find your way from the airport to Can-College by GO Bus, Airport Limousine, Taxi or Uber/Lyft (these are applications you can download on your smartphone).

Ground Transportation options from Pearson International Airport to Vaughan include:

  • Taxi (always available)
  • Limo (always available)
  • TTC, Bus, Subway - most affordable option
  • Other services from the airport to Can-College will range between approximately $15 and $50 max.

 If you will be arriving in Vaughan during business hours you can provide the following address and directions to your driver:

Canadian Career Education College (Vaughan)
(Hwy 400 & Steels Ave West)
99 Sante Dr. Unit A,
Vaughan, ON, Canada L4K 3C4

 That covers the application process right up to your arrival at Can-College!

The information we’ve supplied throughout the apply section should cover everything you need to know about applying to Can-College.