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​How to register to contact:

The Can-College works with a system to document all communication for statistical purposes and requests all prospects to make an appointment by contacting us in one of the following ways.

Free Initial Qualifying Level Assessment—with the green button, submit your initial and basic information, once received you will receive instructions to upload your credentials via a secure form/portal link. 

Initial Basic Assessment (Free) How it Works and the Process

Can-College must receive an online application from the Applicant. Please use the green "Assessment" button to start the process.

If in the Can-College  Assessor's opinion, the participant is eligible to apply for the program and the participant wishes to continue to proceed with the licensing process, then the participant may register for the next service level for comprehensive assistance from Can-College professional staff. A tailored Bridge Training Path will be formulated for the participant outlining all required steps and specific assistance to complete the licensing process.

Services Offered:

In this service, a designated professional related to the participant's occupation or licensing body will further discuss over the phone or live web meeting (with prior appointment) and examine the credentials and other records for licensing program eligibility requirements.

Enroll in selected licensing prep study course(s), receive "Letter of Admission" and apply for a short study visa.

May also opt to seek legal assistance from Can-College Designated Licensed legal professional.

If the individual passes the initial basic assessment, he/she will receive an offer for admission/registration and will have thirty 30 days to consider that. If the Applicant is willing to accept the offer, fees outlines in the offer must be paid before the expiry date of the offer.

Then the Applicant may formally register him/herself with the Can-College for the related service/program offered above.

Please note that an initial basic assessment (free) stage may take in 5 to 10 business days from the time all information is received from the Applicant.

If the offer is accepted and fees are paid, further service(s) delivery process may start in 150-30 days from the date the offer is accepted.

If you have any further general questions, please send
us an email. (Please note, no assessment is made via email without receiving the online application first.Once the application is submitted, you may simply use this link to check the status of your application 24/7 online.


Bridge Training Program - Occupations List

  1. Architect
  2. Attorney/Lawyer
  3. Audiologist and Speech-Language pathologist
  4. Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)*
  5. Chartered Chemist
  6. Chiropodist
  7. Chiropractor
  8. Dental Hygienist
  9. Dental Technologist
  10. Dentistry
  11. Dietitian
  12. Engineer
  13. Engineering Technician or Technologist
  14. Massage Therapist
  15. Medical Laboratory Technologist
  16. Medical Radiation Technologist
  17. Nurse
  18. Occupational Therapist
  19. Optician
  20. Optometrist
  21. Physician or Surgeon
  22. Physiotherapy
  23. Pharmacist
  24. Pharmacy Technician
  25. Psychologist
  26. Psychotherapy
  27. Respiratory Therapist
  28. Veterinarian

A Comparison between Government BTP programs and the Can-College BTP

​The BTP programs offered by the Government of Canada are via third party independent organizations and only for Canadian citizens and New Immigrants who already have permanent resident status or similar situation. Also, those programs do not assist in training courses directly, rather refer to third-party institutions with additional costs. No study permit support is provided when need.

On the contrary, the Can-College BTP program is for everyone, regardless of their Citizenship or Immigration status and also allows non-immigrant foreign nationals to apply for licensing or to upgrade their education to work in Canada and then look for options to settle in Canada or simply continue the practice in the home country with a Canadian license. Can-College BTP offers, licensing courses related to the occupation in question and full support for applicants to enter Canada for a short study permit and licensing exams, etc.,

The Can-College BTP could be a package offer allowing internationally trained professionals to get into the Canadian job market and transition from a temp. status to a permanent if applicable. Please also keep in mind, most of the licensing bodies do not have any Immigration status-related restrictions i.e. you do not have to be a Canadian citizen or PR to apply for a licensing and seeking such status. In fact, licensing is required to enter the Canadian workforce and employment opportunity for all regardless of immigration status or even living in Canada!

Designated Learning Institution DLI # O262228554872

​It's Never Too  Late to Learn

Service chart if/when applicable.

Bridge Training Programs Services, Package

During BTP assessment application process, you may select the desired service from fthe following list to proceed further in seeking Can-College assistance:

  1. Enrollment and registration administration for licensing in one regulatory body.
  2. Licensing Exam Preparation
  3. Licensing Exam Comprehensive Course Fees
  4. Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
  5. *Visa Application support
  6. Accommodation and health Insurance
  7. Other

*Services will be provided via a designated team of Canadian legal counsels.
Services include limited or full representation to professionally prepare and file an application for an appropriate study permit to the IRCC via a licensed legal professional.
Please use this link for more details about study permit-visa support service

On average, it may cost between Can$ 150-6750 for a BTP package via Can-College. Final details will be available in an offer for enrollment from the Can-College BTP assessor and once your application is assessed. 

Some fees are nonrefundable once the services have been delivered.

Visa application preparation may take 15 to 30 days.

If you pass can-college BTP assessment, you will receive further specific details concerning other related fees including licencing, courses and visa process.

  • Services fees also involve other third parties and subject to local taxes if applicable, which will be billed later if required.