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 24/7 Online Technical Support for students and common Q & A:

Registered students are encouraged to access their respective OLMS course site for faster and program-specific support and response or use the following general support Q & A based answers/video support tutorials.

C.C.E.C.–P.D.L.E.S. does not offer general or technical support via telephone or email without students applying the following procedures, or receiving a mandatory support form.

At C.C.E.C. we are always very serious about providing accurate, to-the-point required support to current or past student(s), as soon as possible. A prompt and accurate reply is possible only when we have accurate and to-the-point information from students.

To resolve any support-related inquiry (24/7) in minimum time we have provided every possible answer to general questions via the following tutorial videos:

  1. How to register for a specialization or certification program
  2. How to register for a diploma program
  3. How to register for an accredited CPD Continuing Professional Development course
  4. CCECs admission requirements for vocation or diploma program
  5. How to apply for past learning credits
  6. How to order students records and transcripts
  7. How to apply for a refund on CPD courses
  8. CCEC support policy
  9. How to submit support ticket form
  10. Program repeat/retake policy
  11. How to find a course or program
  12. How to contact CCEC administration
  13. How to apply for financial aid
  14. How to access the student login page
  15. How to file a dispute or complaint

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C.C.E.C. Help and Support  for Students

Please explore following support tutorials/playlist for over 20 common support related solutions

Just click on play list arrow and select your topic from drop down list to play

For program or course related general information, please use website links and explore.

Please note that course manager cannot provide technical support related assistance over the phone or email.

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